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Water Testing with a UV5 Spectrophotometer


Determine Water Quality Parameters Efficiently

Water Testing
Water Testing

The term "water testing" is used to describe diverse procedures to analyze water quality and safety. UV Vis spectroscopy can be used for water testing. It is a reliable, fast and easy-to-perform method that requires minimal bench space and allows you to measure down to low detection limits. In photometric water analysis, a sample of analyte in water can react with given reagents through mixing; after the reaction, the quantity of certain chemicals in the mixture can be determined photometrically with a UV Vis spectrophotometer.

METTLER TOLEDO collaborates with MilliporeSigma to deliver solutions to water analysis in industry segments such as Pharma, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Food and Beverage (F&B), Environmental Testing and Power Generation. Our solutions can measure more 180 parameters of substances in waste, process and drinking water for safety and quality control. For high throughput sample demands, it is possible to automate the water testing workflow. Our Water Testing guide illustrates the procedures from water sample preparation to results with predefined water application methods for parameters such as COD, Ammonium, Phosphate, Hardness, Nitrate, Sulfate, etc. There are also options to customize water testing methods to fulfill your lab’s individual needs.

Learn how to conduct accurate, reliable and fast water testing using METTLER TOLEDO’s spectrophotometer and test kits.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 1.1 Overview of Water Testing
  • 1.2 Collaboration of Merck and METTLER TOLEDO for Water Testing
  • 1.3 Capabilities of METTLER TOLEDO UV/VIS Spectrophotometers for Water Testing
  • 1.4 Overview of Water Testing Procedures
  • 2. From Sample Preparation to Result
  • 2.1 Sample Preparation
  • 2.2 Measurement
  • 2.3 Result Management
  • 2.4 Method Customization
  • 3. Required Equipment and Consumables
  • 3.1 Testing Setups
  • 3.2 Purchase Test Kits
  • 4. Tips and Hints