Application Method

Cost-Efficient Trace Metal Analysis

Application Method

With Gravimetric Solution Preparation

Accurate sample or standard preparation is the most time consuming part of any analysis in the laboratory and the manual process is prone to a multitude of potential error risks.

With automated dispensing of solids and liquids directly into vials you can

  • save time
  • eliminate human and environmental errors, and
  • reduce the amount of samples and standards used, in order to minimize cost of the entire analysis

Read our application note to find out how to perform cost-efficient trace metal analysis with gravimetric solution preparation.

Trace metal analysis identifies and quantifies very small amounts of metals and heavy metals in a sample. Although having some trace metals in our diet is essential for our well-being, many metals can be toxic and can negatively impact human, animal and plant health, as well the environment.

Why Accurate Weighing Is Important

Trace metal analysis requires precisely and accurately prepared samples, reference standards and calibration standards to ensure accurate and valid results. Sample and standard preparation errors can account for the largest source of errors in the whole trace metal analysis workflow. The balance used must meet the accuracy requirements of the application. The balance capacity and minimum weight are essential criteria for selection of the appropriate balance. Determining the safe weighing range of the balance is also of utmost importance to ensure the validity of the weighing results.