Material Receiving

Efficient and fast raw material identification is a basic requirement for good tracking & tracing practice. Our solutions include ID points, such as weighbridges and scales with barcode readers, printers and software solutions for gapless control of your incoming goods.


Many food products need delicate manual care and handling. Our full stainless steel IP69k protected over/under bench & floor scales support fast and
accurate manual processes. The latest sanitary designs support efficient and thorough cleaning in hygienically sensitive areas.

Quality Control

Stringent quality control for the exact adherence of product specifications is made viable thanks to top-performing, innovative and rugged balances, titrators, moisture analyzers, density and refractometers, pH meters and sensors as well as other instruments.


World-class Product Inspection solutions help to safeguard product quality, safety and integrity, inside and out. Metal detection, checkweighing, x-ray and vision inspection systems provide total confidence that quality is maintained, brands are protected, and compliance with industry standards is achieved.


Scales are important ID points in your material flow. Large touch screen weighing terminals, connected to scanners, label printers and precise scales support fast and accurate order processing and short delivery time.


From retailers' receiving docks to their checkout counters, we enhance efficient handling of fresh convenience food and ready meals with weighing,packaging, pricing, wrapping and labeling solutions. Internetenabled scales greatly facilitate in-store marketing, fresh item management, promotions and more.

Material Receiving
Full Control of What You Get
Make sure you receive the right quantity and quality of products from your suppliers. On one hand products with deficiencies decrease your productivity and quality. On the other hand getting less than paid for is expensive. Various solutions from METTLER TOLEDO help you to control your incoming goods efficiently.

Raw Material


Sugar and Brix

Fulfill basic requirements for good T & T practice

Ergonomically-designed and extremely fast over/under scales with hygienic easy-to-clean con- struction and ColorWeight® dis- play technology provide through- put improvement up to 25% and increase profitability through minimized overfilling.


Guarantee shelf life, taste
and texture

Halogen Moisture Analyzers are the ideal solution for fast and simple moisture determination. Easily check any ingredient, food or beverage sample whether solid, pasty or liquid. Determine moisture wherever required to assure quality.



LiquiPhysics™ instruments
to replace manual methods

Measure Brix, Oechsle, alcohol,
wort, extract, density, specific
gravity, refractive index. Densitiy
and refractometers analyze liquid
samples easily and automatically.
The ideal routine testing
instruments with built-in product
test and fully suitable for random
spot checks at receiving and
near the line.



Weighing PC


Clear, intuitive, efficient control
of your raw materials

Latest PC technology with high ingress protection for industrial application even in the fresh food production area. Full graphic 10’’ or 15’’ touchscreen
PC terminal supports error-free and fast processing of your goods received.

Throughput and Accuracy
In Manual Production
Speed counts in today’s competitive markets. Manufacturers must not only deliver error-free products and avoid waste, but they also need to produce on time. Many food products are delicate in handling and need manual care. Ergonomic considerations and smart man-machine interfaces help to increase operators’ throughput and accuracy. Human errors such as overfilling and bad batches are minimized.

Portioning &

Formulation / Recipe

Quality Data

Higher throughput and less
product giveaway

Ergonomically-designed and extremely fast over/under scales with hygienic easy-to-clean construction and ColorWeight® display technology provide throughput improvement up to 25% and increase profitability through minimized overfilling.

Improved production yield
and traceability

Accurate, reproducible mixtures and consistent taste are essential for product quality and safety. Component mixing points are critical for efficient tracking & tracing. Our standalone or fullynetworked formulation/recipe solutions guide the operator securely and quickly through dailyformulation work and help to minimize bad batches.

Net content legislation fulfillment and Q-attribute monitoring

Our networked quality data management
solution FreeWeigh.Net collects, analyzes and archives your key quality attributes in realtime
and provides alarms, statistics and reports for immediate process optimization and proof
of regulatory compliance. It helps minimize overfilling in packaging and improve efficiency in quality assurance.

Over/Under Checkweigher


Designed to speed up production
where hygiene counts

Full stainless steel, protected IP69k for harsh wash down and fast, efficient cleaning in hygienically sensitive areas. This scale provides extremely fast
and accurate processes in manual portioning, checkweighing and classifying operations. Color-Weight® display technology helps to reduce operators
fatigue and keep performance high.

Rigorous Quality Control
Assure Safety & Quality of Ready Meals
Analytical instruments and balances from METTLER TOLEDO are the base of quality testing for all kind of food, ready meal and beverage products. At the touch of a fingertip, the instruments provide reliable and precise results to assure a high and consistent product quality. Here are a few examples how our leading technology supports your striving for quality and efficiency.

Analytical and
Precision Weighing

High resolution balances
master all purposes

Our balances combine stable and high-resolution measuring cells with an array of features such as ErgoSens, ErgoClip or SmartGrid, in order to make weighing more precise, avoid errors and improve the ergonomy of weighing.

Melting and Dropping
Point of Fats and Oils

Independent measurement
without waiting operator

The innovative melting and dropping point instruments determine the melting point and melting range or the dropping and softening point, simply, efficiently. All supported with video recordings for immediate review or archiving. Reliable results compliant with standards.


pH Value

The right meter
and electrode

Portable and benchtop meters of different performance levels to meet your needs and budget. Your very application decides the electrode: glass or unbreakable polymer shaft; puncture, flat or classic cylinder shaped measuring tip, built-in temperature sensor and more.


G20 Compact Titrator

Many applications from salt content to acid number and beyond

Titration is one of the most frequently used analytical determination methods. METTLER TOLEDO supports this proven method with innovative instruments to simplify workflow, increase efficiency and diminish operator errors. One Click® titration, color touchscreen, clear user guidance and ergonomic design are just a few advantages of today's automatic titrators.Potentiometric and Karl Fischer titrators for every laboratory

Inspection Solutions to Ensure
Product Quality and Safety
In the ready meal industry, it’s vital that the product reaching the end consumer is exactly what it should be – no more, no less, correct, complete and safe, inside and out. Whatever your product inspection needs,METTLER TOLEDO provides stand-alone to fully integrated bespoke systems to address the challenges you face.

Highest Sensitivity
Contaminant Detection

Fast and Accurate
Dynamic Weighing

Perfect Product

Providing total product quality,
inside and out

Whether using metal detection or x-ray inspection technology, contaminant detection systems from Safeline help to guarantee the safety of products. X-ray inspection systems are also able to perform a range of in-line quality checks to ensure product and packaging integrity.

100% quality ontrol
and total peace of mind

As standard or highly-customised, dynamic checkweighing systems are built to suit each manufacturer’s specific application and environment. They help to ensure that quality standards are met and compliance with industry regulations is achieved.

Minimising defects for con-
sumer and brand protection

CI-Vision inspection systems ensure that products consistently meet manufacturers’ highest quality standards and specifications. They can inspect a wide variety of products and packaging, examining containers, closures, labels and coding to deliver perfect product presentation, every time.

X33 The New Generation X-ray Inspection

New technology, an ergonomic design, improved user experience and sustainability credentials

Ideally suited to the inspection of small and medium-packaged products, the x-ray system gives ready meals manufacturers the market-leading product inspection technology needed to provide outstanding foreign body detection and gross mass measurement for calculated portion control.


Accurate Order Fulfillment
For Satisfied Customers
High delivery quality is essential for customer satisfaction and retention. Accurate scales and easy-to-operate order picking/commissioning places help to process orders quickly, precisely and safely. This makes you a most reliable supplier and customer return to you again and again.

Order Picking
and Processing


Retail Weighing
and Prepacking

Large touch screens for
error-free shipments

Manually processing 10 000 order lines per day requires ergonomic man-machine interfaces. Our terminals for order picking solutions provide large touchscreen displays. Connect wireless barcode scanners and label printers to assure error-free shipment and satisfied customers.


completeness checks

Before shipping, completeness control is vital to ensure that there are no missing items. Our smart case weighing solutions offer final monitoring prior to dispatch and help to avoid missing parts.



Setting you on a seamless path
to sales success

Our retail weighing and packaging solutions offer impressive robustness, intuitive operability and perfect hygiene. Benefit from allencompassing solutions for your delicatessen and fresh food categories:from weighing, prepacking and labelling fresh food products in the backroom to in-store sales using state-of-the-art PC-based touchscreen scales that support visual merchandising.


UC Evo Line Scales


Flexible and functional
Fulfilling the highest demands

Thanks to the high-end UC Evo Line range of scales, you can ensure that your customers can obtain fresh products such as specialty foods, salads or ready meals quickly, reliably and profitably.The scales are easy to operate thanks to their user-friendly touchscreens. Fast labelling processes and exemplary ergonomics make the UC Evo Line scales ideal for backroom, counter and self-service usage.


Decisive Success Factors
Productivity and Quality
Maximise uptime, throughput and manufacturing quality to protect your profit margins. Our ergonomically designed production and analysis equipment, cutting edge sensor technology and efficient data acquisition solutions help to speed up production, assure consistent high product quality and build up your brand image.

Cutting Edge Technology

METTLER TOLEDO is a recognized leader of integrating various measuring technologies with software into powerful lab, industrial and retail solutions. We are committed to translating our innovations into real value for our customers:

  • 61 million resolution points of XP balances add utmost accuracy and precision to weighing
  • Built-in video camera to detect, evaluate and replay melting and dropping point determination.
  • Up to 3500 product inspections per minute for a number of quality and safety parameters right on the production line.


Manufacturing Efficiency

In today’s economic environment of rising raw material prices and severe global competition, business executives must optimize all aspects of manufacturing operational costs. Key customer benefits resulting from weighing-, inspection- or measuring-based process optimization include minimized product giveaway and wastage through fast, precise material transfer and accurate filling-, portioning- and inspection solutions. Predictive maintenance programs help reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs.


Ergonomic design of instruments, balances, scales and inspection equipment as well as easy-to operate software solutions help to avoid operating errors and fatigue during routine tasks, improve efficiency and facilitate operator training. Here are a few examples:

  • One Click® operation built in to many lab instruments and balances for simple and safe operation.
  • The “ColorWeight®” check weighing solution provides unmistakable information if the weight is out of specs.
  • The uPlace™ elctrode arm easily operated by one hand places pH electrodes perfectly in the sample beaker.

Quality Data Management

Efficient data acquisition, analysis functions and storage of all your key attributes from production, packaging and laboratory are essential to control quality and profitability. Our software solutions, such as FreeWeigh.Net®, LabX and ProdX, allow easy integration of your measuring equipment, including scales, balances, titrators, pH meters, checkweighers, x-ray systems and metal detectors. They provide latest SQC or SPC analysis methods and deliver customized audit-proof reports of your KPIs.

Technology and Expertise
For Food Safety & Compliance
The regulatory and legal pressure on food, beverage and ready meal producers is constantly increasing, forcing manufacturers and industry organizations to take even greater ownership of food safety and persistent product quality.

Good Measuring Practices

Guaranteed better results through performance verification – balances, scales and analytical instruments must be inspected, calibrated and tested at regular intervals to ensure the accuracy and precision of measurement results. The METTLER TOLEDO Good Measuring Practices programs provide the right tools, procedures and services and thus give peace of mind to quality and production managers and personnel responsible for instrument qualification procedures.

Tracking & Tracing

Food Safety regulations as well as retail-driven standards, require food suppliers to assure traceability on a one-up/one-down principle. Weighing and product inspection equipment are often important ID points in the flow of materials. After product has been packed, METTLER TOLEDO camera based vision inspection systems are used to make sure every product has got correct and readable labels and markings. A good traceability system not only helps a manufacturer comply with legal and regulatory requirements but helps to protect brand image by minimizing the number and impact of recalls.

Hygienic Design

Contaminated food processing equipment has been responsible for a number of major food poisoning outbreaks. Equipment must be designed accordingto sound sanitary design principles. Our equipment for hygienically sensitive areas are designed after the latest guidelines of EHEDG, NSF and 3-A standards and allow efficient cleaning and sanitizing, thus reducing

Foreign Body Detection

One of the most common Critical Control Point in ready meals is the detection of physical contamination originating from different production steps,such as mixing, processing and packaging. The source for foreign bodies can include a wide range materials like metal splinters, glass, bones and high density plastics or rubbers. METTLER TOLEDO in-line metal detection and x-ray inspection systems ensure production processes are safe and  compliant with regulations and food safety standards.

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Technology guides and Know-How

Application Literature


We provide comprehensive insight information on how our solutions and services help meet global food safety regulations and increase food
safety, quality and productivity.
We offer comprehensive application support for all of our solutions. Our titration application database alone holds 200 applications for the food and beverage industry
METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide array of live and on-demand web-based seminars (webinars). Obtain specific information about best practice and latest news on applications, products, industry trends and standards.

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