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Accurate and Consistent Weighing for Producing Perfect Mixtures

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Formulation Solutions

Only accurate, repeatable and error-free formulation processes ensure perfect batches.

Review our four formulation solutions and see why choosing the right equipment pays off!

Speed Up Simple Formulation Processes

The ICS689 is a stand alone formulation work station that offers:

  • Guides an operator through a recipe
  • Provides traceable recipe weighing
  • Can handle up to 50 recipes with up to 50 components each

Make Every Batch Perfect

Form+ is a recipe management software that offers:

  • Easy adaptation of your processes with no limits on formulas
  • Tools to ensure safe, correct and traceable recipe execution
  • Connectivity to multiple bench and floor scales

Formulation software:

Bench platforms:

Ensure Accurate and Fast Dosing

The IND570 filling and dosing terminal supports:

  • Easy-to-configure software routines, or material storage tables
  • Connectivity to Powerdeck floor scales for optimal operator guidance
  • Multiple PLC interface options, along with sample programs such as Rockwell Automation profiles

Dosing terminal:

Floor scales:

Ensure a High Batching Yield

The IND780batch terminal offers:

  • Storage for up to 1,000 recipes with as many as 99 steps per recipe
  • Multiple interface options for tracking and tracing
  • An ideal combination with PowerMount Weigh Modules to avoid bad batches in tank weighing applications

Batching terminal:

Weigh modules:

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Case Studies

Validated system phase-out without production loss
Customer: CIMEX AG, Liesberg, Switzerland

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