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Inline Measurement For ATEX and Class I, Div 1 Environments

ParticleTrack G600 Ex production instruments with FBRM® technology provide a robust design for real-time monitoring within hazardous environments. ParticleTrack G600 Ex production models are optimized for:

  • Installation in pipelines (ParticleTrack G600T Ex with FBRM® technology)
  • Small process vessels (ParticleTrack G600P Ex with FBRM® technology)
  • Large process vessels (FBRM® G600R Ex with dip pipe installation kit)

FBRM® (Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement) provides the unique ability to measure particles and droplets inline in concentrated suspensions and emulsion without the need for sample extraction or preparation. FBRM® tracks the rate and degree of change to particles and particle structures as they actually exist in-process to help scientists and engineers quickly link particle system dynamics to process conditions, assuring optimal product quality and process efficiency - such as filtration and other downstream processes. 

With FBRM® technology, users can:

  • Understand how the particle system responds to changing process parameters
  • Optimize particle distribution to improve process performance and product quality
  • Transfer the process to achieve batch repeatability and process safety

All ParticleTrack G600 Ex production systems can be mounted with a removable threaded adapter flange or triclamp fitting which enables installation in a pipeline or vessel without the need for a permanent weld. Ball valve, ANSI, DN, and other installations are also available. Dip pipe adapter kits including detailed mounting/removal instruction are available.

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Monitor Particle Size and Count in Piloting and Production

ParticleTrack G600 with FBRM technology is a rugged probe-based instrument that is inserted directly into large-scale vessels or pipelines to track changing particle size and count in real time at full process concentrations. Particles, particle structures and droplets are monitored continuously, as process parameters vary, allowing engineers to monitor, troubleshoot and improve processes effectively.

Particle size and count directly impact performance in multiphase processes including:

By monitoring particle size and count in real time, at full production scales, engineers can monitor process consistency and identify strategies to make significant process improvements.

Particles can change when sampled and prepared for offline analysis. By tracking changes to size and count, as particles naturally exist in process, engineers obtain process understanding at full production scales, safely and with no time delay – even at extremes of temperature and pressure.

By monitoring particles continuously, as operating conditions vary, it is possible to determine the root cause of poorly performing processes. Operators can identify process upsets quickly and engineers can utilize evidence obtained at full production scale to redesign challenging processes and make improvements.

A flexible mounting system allows probes to be installed in reactors or pipelines using standard flanges, dip pipes and ball valves across a wide range of temperatures and pressures. Optional purged enclosures rated to ATEX and Class I, Div 1 standards ensure instruments can be installed safely in hazardous locations.

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Service - ParticleTrack G600 Ex Process Technology for Hazardous Locations

Keeping FBRM® G600 Ex running at peak performance is the best way to optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as it ensures maximum Uptime and Performance as well as maintaining Compliance with quality and industry standards.

METTLER TOLEDO Field Service Engineers possess the experience and Expertise for successful asset lifecycle management.

From onsite instrument Calibration and Preventive Maintenance (PM) to Full Service Coverage, the options available can be tailored to meet need and budget requirements ensuring complete cost control.

Extended Warranty

The most cost effective option for new instrument owners as it can be purchased at point of sale.  It protects the system beyond the initial factory warranty and provides additional value-added services, priority support and discounts.

Full Service Coverage

To keep the laboratory or production process running at maximum speed, instrument Uptime, Performance and Compliance are key. It is important to identify issues before they become problems and Full Service Coverage helps ensure instruments are available when needed by providing priority onsite and factory service with no cost surprises.

Calibration and Preventive Maintenance

The best option if budgetary constraints and Total Cost of Ownership are not a primary concern and instrument downtime does not affect productivity. Repair costs are on an ad-hoc basis but Calibration and Preventive Maintenance ensures equipment Performance and Compliance are within specification.

METTLER TOLEDO Service Specialists

The METTLER TOLEDO Service Team understands what it takes to get the best from each instrument. Benefit from the Service Team’s experience and industry knowledge to ensure optimal equipment Uptime, Performance, Compliance and the Expertise necessary to maximize instrument investment.

Take advantage of the experience, skills and thorough know-how of the dedicated Field Service Engineers strategically located around the world and locally - which ensures a timely response.

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Technické parametre- ParticleTrack G600 Ex Process Technology for Hazardous Locations

Technické parametre - ParticleTrack G600 Ex Process Technology for Hazardous Locations
Measurement Range 0.5 – 2000μm; 0.5 to 2000μm
Temperature Range (Base/Field Unit) 0 to 40°C; 0 to 45°C (standard)
Base Unit Description Purged, Stainless 316, 4X, IP66
Base Unit Dimension (HxWxL) 524 mm x 828 mm x 284 mm
Certifications NRTL Certified; ATEX / IECEx Zone 1/21 and Class 1 Div 1 Certified; CE Approved; Class 1 Laser
Power Requirements 100-125VAC or 200-250VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.5A
For Use In Pilot Plant or Production requiring explosion proof
Software iC FBRM (Standard); iC Process for FBRM (Optional)
Scanning System Pneumatic
Scan Speeds 2m/s
Chord Selection Method (CSM) Primary (fines) AND Macro (coarse)
Probe Diameter 25mm
Probe Wetted Length P: 1000mm; R: 400mm; T: 400m; X: custom
Probe Wetted Alloy C22 (Optional); SS316 (Standard)
Window Sapphire
Standard Window Seals Kalrez®
Probe/Window Options Electropolish; TM Window
Pressure Rating (Probe) 10barg (standard); up to 300barg (custom)
Temperature Rating (Probe) -10 to 120°C (standard); -80 to 150°C (custom)
Conduit Length 15m [49.2ft] (standard); 20m (custom)
Air Requirements Flow: 225NL/min [8SCFM]; Flow: 28.3 NL/min [1.0SCFM]; Pressure: 4-8 barg [60-120psig]; Purge requirements:; Scanner Requirements: Min. pressure: 4barg [60psig]
ParticleTrack Model ParticleTrack G600 Ex Process Technology for Hazardous Locations
Enclosure Description Stainless field unit enclosure (4X, IP66) with purge/over-pressure protection
Base/Field Unit Dimensions (NOT shipping dimensions) Depth: 284mm [11.2in]; Height: 524mm [19.7in]; Width: 828mm [32.6in]
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