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Accurate Scales Protect Against Losses

In every country, legal-for-trade laws allow some margin of error when determining the required accuracy of truck scales. To protect against product and profit loss, it is critical to insist on a weighing system that does more than just meet the minimum requirements. A highly accurate system is easy insurance against hidden losses in the future.

If you buy and sell bulk goods by weight, the accuracy of your vehicle scale is crucial to your bottom line. Weights and measures accuracy standards may not be strict enough to protect your business from losses. The proven weighing performance of METTLER TOLEDO’s POWERCELL® load cells can make a significant financial difference for your business.

Accurate Scales Protect Against Losses
Accurate Scales Protect Against Losses

In many cases, 30 kilograms (or 60 pounds) of weighing error or more still meets legal accuracy requirements for truck scales. That much error can have a significant negative impact on your business. If you are consistently overcharging your customers, you are putting their loyalty at risk. If you are consistently undercharging your customers, you are giving away profits. The easy way to protect against those problems is to choose a scale system with superior accuracy.

POWERCELL load cell technology has a proven history of providing more accurate weight readings over time than any other technology. The charts below represent accuracy found on hundreds of truck scales from various manufacturers as checked during preventative maintenance and calibration visits. Based on the findings, scales using analog load cells are four times more likely to have some amount of weighing error compared to a scale with POWERCELL load cells. In fact, scales using analog load cells are more than 10 times more likely to have a weighing error of 30 kilograms (or 60 pounds) or more.

POWERCELL PDX load cells were developed with revolutionary features to offer enhanced accuracy levels. Use the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculators to see how the superior accuracy of POWERCELL PDX load cell technology can offer a real return and save you money.

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