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Understand Kinetics, Crystallization, and Optimize Reaction Variables of Biphasic and Multiphasic Reactions

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Polymorph Detection in Carbamazepine
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Proizvodi in specifikacije

Proizvodi in specifikacije
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In Situ FTIR Spektroskopija: Nadzorovanje kemijske reakcije v realnem času
FTIR Spektroskopija za nadzorovanje kemijske reakcije v realnem času
Inline distribucija velikosti delcev & analiza oblike delcev
Razumevanje, optimiziranje in nadzorovanje drobnih delcev in kapljic z In Situ sistemom za karakterizacijo vzorcev v resničnem času
Karakterizacija delcev, analiza reakcij, reakcijski kalorimetri, laboratorijski reaktorji, analiza distribucije velikosti delcev, PAT

White Papers

Analiza velikosti delcev za optimizacijo postopka
V tem informativnem dokumentu je nekaj najpogostejših pristopov k analizi velikosti delcev in kako jih je mogoče uvesti za učinkovito proizvodnjo kako...


Crystallization and Precipitation
Optimization and scale-up of crystallization and precipitation to produce a product that consistently meets purity, yield, form and particle size spec...
Scientist recrystallize high value chemical compounds to obtain a crystal product with desired physical properties at optimal process efficiency. Seve...
Chemical Synthesis
Chemical synthesis occurs when two or more molecules are combined to form a product molecule that possesses specific properties. There are numerous ex...
synthesis reactions
One of the four major classes of chemical reactions, synthesis reactions are represented by important examples in organic synthesis, catalyzed chemist...
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