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Receive Proper Payment for Non-Conveyable Freight

Carriers that neglect to measure non-conveyable freight may as well be leaving money on the floor. Mobile dimensioning offers a quick and easy way to recover revenue on shipments that can’t go on the conveyor.

CSN110 ScanTape
CSN110 ScanTape

The CSN110 ScanTape™ is a mobile dimensioner, small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Because it can be used anywhere, at any time, it is the ideal complementary solution to your automatic dimensioning, weighing and scanning system.

When a parcel is too long or difficult to load onto a conveyor, or too difficult to transport on a forklift truck, the CSN110 ScanTape™ can be used to quickly record dimensions for invoicing. By checking the dimensions of those non-conveyable items and ugly freight, transport companies recover extra revenue, which quickly covers the cost of investment.

When a leading parcel carrier in Australia decided to look for a solution for measuring non-conveyable freight, METTLER TOLEDO proposed they put the CSN110 ScanTape™ to use. By measuring their non-conveyable shipments and automatically transferring the data to their invoicingsystem, they recovered $20,000 over a period of five days.

The CSN110 ScanTape™ not only captures dimensions, but also acts as a barcode reader. Seamlessly integrated with floor, forklift or bench scales, dimensions and barcode data can be combined with weight data for a full data profile. Information is then sent wirelessly to a PDA, PC or printer.

As a complimentary solution to automatic dimensioning equipment, the CSN110 ScanTape™ makes it possible to measure every item that passes through your terminal, maximizing the potential for revenue recovery.

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