High Throughput Power from a Handheld Pipette

Accelerate Repeat Dispense Workflows with the Rainin NanoRep

Oversitk over programmet

  • Rapid Dispensing
  • Reducing Cross-contamination
  • Repeatable Accuracy
  • Speedy Workflows
  • Nanoscale Pipetting
  • Q&A

NanoRep combines the versatility and value of a handheld repeater pipette with No Touch Off dispense. This unique non-contact dispense option ensures repeatable accuracy, speeds workflows, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Put some of the functionality of expensive benchtop systems right into your hand.

The webinar explains how to get the most out of the NanoRep electronic repeat dispenser pipette that tackles all of your nanoscale pipetting needs in the lab with rapid dispensing options and a unique no-touch dispense option. 


gustavo chavarria

Gustavo Chavarria

Senior Global Product Manager at Rainin (PhD Biochemistry, MSc Statistics)

Gustavo Chavarria has worked in developing and validating functional bioassays, cell-based assays as well as the identification of in potential chemotherapeutic agents in drug discovery using cell lines as model systems. In his current role in the Product Management team at Rainin, he is involved in the development of new and innovative liquid handling products, and Rainin's successful Good Pipetting Practices programs.