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    Chemical Synthesis, Process Development & Particle Sizing

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    Lab to Plant Tools For Chemical Development

    Lab to plant tools for chemical development. Synthesis workstations and inline analysis instruments to produce new synthetic routes and deliver grams to kilograms of materials. Combining reaction calorimetryin situ reaction analysis, and particle size and shape analysis technologies, the chemical, thermodynamic and particulate properties of processes are understood.

    Increased process knowledge from inline technologies supports the development of batch or continuous flow processes and enables chemical reactions to be scaled-up.

    Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) track critical process parameters and quality attributes for Quality by Design (QbD) requirements, improving process design and quality. Lab PAT instruments help design a quality process. Plant PAT tools enable monitoring and control of a process.

    Capture data, visualize and interpret experiments, prepare and report results, compare batches or experiments with iC software.

    Spektroskopi FTIR In Situ

    Spektroskopi Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Untuk Pemonitoran Reaksi Kimia Secara Real Time

    Kontrol Reaktor Lab Otomatis

    Kontrol Reaktor Kimia Otomatis dan Catat Semua Parameter Reaksi 24 Jam Sehari

    Pengambilan Sampel Reaksi Kimia Secara Otomatis Tanpa Pengawasan

    Pengambilan Sampel Full Otomatis, Termasuk Pengambilan, Pendinginan Sampel pada Kondisi Reaksi, Pengenceran dan Pemasukannya ke Vial

    Karakterisasi Sistem Partikel di Lokasi: FBRM® dan PVM®

    Pemahaman , Pengoptimalan , & Pengendalian Sistem Partikel & Tetesan Menggunakan Analisa secara Analisa Real-Time

    Perangkat lunak iC

    Tingkatkan Kualitas Keputusan, Percepat Penyelesaian Proyek


    Crystallization, Organic Synthesis, Process Development, Safety, PAT


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