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    Produk dan Solusi

    Bantuan apakah yang dapat kami berikan kepada anda?

    Perfectly Placed Weighing Solutions for Leading Grocery Retailers

    Perfectly placed to make your business more competitive with the best possible scale equipment for weighing, self-service, labeling, packaging and service solutions – that’s the vision of METTLER TOLEDO Retail as a partner for the grocery retail sector.

    METTLER TOLEDO Retail targets its core competencies on clearly defined areas: backroomservice counterfresh producebakery, checkout, and specialty area. Within these zones, we actively seek the best combination of focused people, intuitive products and effective processes for all grocery weighing needs.

    Timbangan Dasar

    Timbangan meja penghitung harga, dengan atau tanpa printer. Mudah/Sederhana, nyaman, mudah dipindahkan

    Timbangan Gerai Ritel

    Timbangan praktis dengan layar sentuh berbasis PC untuk solusi cerdas bagi penjualan produk makanan segar.

    Timbangan Swalayan

    Timbangan dengan layar sentuh berbasis PC yang mudah digunakan untuk penimbangan swalayan

    Timbangan Kasir

    Solusi terintegrasi untuk penimbangan dan mesin kasir di area pembayaran




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