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Density Kit XPR-S XSR-S 0.1mg, 1mg

Quick and Efficient Density Processes. Complete density kit for Excellence XPR/XPE/XP/XS/XSR precision balances

The Ideal Equipment for All Methods

Density Kits are easily installed on Excellence Balances for fast and precise density determination of solid, liquid, porous and pasty substances.

Integrated Solution

Fully integrated workflows for three different methods: The built-in density application guides you step-by-step through the procedure.

Fast and Secure Process

The application software collects the density values, calculates the results and allows statistical evaluation of the measurement series

Specifikationer - Density Kit XPR-S XSR-S 0.1mg, 1mg
Materiale nr. 30300933

One for All Density Kit

The density kit for XPR-S XSR-S precision balances is also backward compatible with XP/XPE/XS Excellence precision balances with readability 1mg/0.1mg


XPR Precision Balances

XSR Precision Balances

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Density Kit XPR-S XSR-S 0.1mg, 1mg
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