Webinar: An Introduction to Weighing by Substitution, the Foundation of Mass Calibration

Insights on Metrological Traceability, Minimum Weight, and the Benefits of Substitution Weighing

Program oversigt

  • Basics of weighing
  • Weighing uncertainty
  • Minimum weight
  • Substitution weighing
  • Substitution cycles and drift elimination
  • Balances vs. comparators
  • Properties of balances for substitution weighing (fit-for-purpose)

In this webinar, you will learn about substitution weighing and the prerequisite concepts of weighing uncertainty and minimum weight. The advantages of substitution weighing are highlighted and compared to regular weighing. Different types of substitution cycles are analyzed, and it is explained how they can be used to eliminate drift. High-performance balances are introduced and compared to the term "comparator." 


Christian Mueller-Schoell

Christian Mueller-Schoell

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, METTLER TOLEDO