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Flexible Transmitter for All Parameters

The M800 1-Channel extends METTLER TOLEDOʼs portfolio of high-performance transmitters with a single-channel instrument that covers all major measurement parameters. pH / ORP, dissolved and gas- phase oxygen (amperometric and optical), conductivity, and turbidity measurement are all possible in conjunction with either digital ISM or analog sensors.

Flexible Transmitter for All Parameters
M800 transmitter

The M800 1-Channelʼs multi-parameter ability means that most applications in process analytical applications, covered until now by different transmitters, can be equipped with just one instrument platform.

Cutting-edge user interface
Transmitters, as the interface between process analytical sensors and the user or control system, are central to successful and efficient production. With its 5.7" full-color, high-resolution touchscreen, simple menu structure, and user management functions, the M800 1-Channel sets a high standard in the market for convenient transmitter operation.

The freely- configurable display provides measurement values plus sensor diagnostics data on a single screen. Logbook and user management features offer excellent traceability and operating security. Wizard set-up allows the user to reach any menu in only three touches, reducing training efforts and configuration failures to an absolute minimum.

At-a-glance diagnostics
Thanks to the iMonitor display, the condition of each sensor is determined in an instant, allowing preventive action to be taken before processes are affected. The ISM predictive diagnostics tools shown on the iMonitor, such as the Dynamic Lifetime Indicator (DLI), Adaptive Calibration Timer (ACT), and Time to Maintenance (TTM) indicator are color coded and displayed in a distinctive way. The sensitivity of the DLI can even be altered to match process conditions.

The M800 1-Channel is an outstanding measurement solution for applications across all process industries.

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