Webinar: Roundtable on the Future of the Kibble Balance

Metrology Day Live Webinars and Training

Program oversigt

  • The latest achievements and challenges of the Kibble Balance
  • Potential applications and commercialization
  • Q&A session with audience involvement

Join us for a roundtable session where the world's foremost metrologists converge to discuss the future of the Kibble Balance — an instrument that has transformed the way we define fundamental units of measurement. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with the leading minds shaping the future of metrology.

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Dr. Stuart Davidson

Dr. Stuart Davidson

National Physical Laboratory, UK

Head of Science – Materials and Mechanical Metrology Department

Leon Chao

Leon Chao


Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Richard G. Green

Dr. Richard G. Green

Mass and Related Quantities, Metrology Research Centre, National Research Council

Senior Research Officer