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PCE Line Manager direct

Track & Trace Entry Software For serialization running on a single station, PLM direct is the right choice. Data exchange is handled using standard XML formats, for easy integration into the customer‘s system.

Made for Serialization
PLM direct supports all METTLER TOLEDO serialization stations, with or without tamper-evident modules, combined checkweighers and OEM-Kits.

Preconfigured to Meet Your Requirements
Predefined coding scenarios to fit all customer requirements without long preparation times - i.e. contract packers

On-site Set-up and Start-up Services
Worry-free installation is included in the package




PCE Line Manager direct Features and Benefits

Regulatory Compliance Guaranteed
All coding scenarios of the relevant markets like GS1 and non-GS1 are fully supported. Full compliance with EU FMD 2011/62/EU and US DQSA requirements.
Open XML-Interface
Direct data-integration into the customer‘s MES- or ERP-system or the preferred cloud system. See the explanatory video for more information.
Flexible and Scalable
Once requirements increase e.g. in the direction of managing entire lines or if aggregation is needed, the software can be easily upgraded.
Special Training
All the knowledge for serialization on single stations and standardized kits imparted in dedicated trainings.


Product Inspection Guide



电子监管 – 您准备好了吗?
假冒产品的全球性威胁正在日益增加。 快速了解如何通过将电子监管解决方案集成至生产过程,从而可靠地跟踪与追溯药品。 保护您的消费者、产品质量和品牌价值。
OEE 和产品检测 — 免费下载
本白皮书提供了对设备整体有效性 (OEE) 进行测算的各种具体内容的简要概述。 还讨论了产品检测设备在制药行业中是如何影响 OEE 的。
药品的安全 - 对比美国与欧盟标准
本白皮书介绍了欧盟与美国所采取的法律框架,以及由此产生的对制药公司的要求。 对比了《欧盟伪造药品指令 (FMD)》与《药品供应链安全法案 (DSCSA)》之间的异同,并提供了实际实施技巧。
本白皮书介绍较常见的食品安全标准及其较新要求。 此外,还阐述了食品生产商如何符合这些要求。


Artesan Pharma率先实施电子监管计划
作为率先采用电子监管技术的首批企业之一,Artesan Pharma在规定实施之前便早已能够向客户提供电子监管服务。
Catalent Biologics为实现合规要求采用Track & Trace解决方案
Catalent Biologics作为一家业内知名的生物制品输送技术与解决方案供应商,寻求梅特勒-托利多的帮助,提供可轻松添加至药瓶与注射器包装套件的、经济实惠的Track & Trace解决方案。
Rottendorf 先进制药技术
R-Pharm Germany GmbH将梅特勒-托利多PCE的包装箱集成套件与Christ Packing Systems的兼容装箱机平台组合使用,完善了服务组合。
State-of-the-Art Track & Trace Solution
The XMV datamatrix station from METTLER TOLEDO PCE supports August Faller in providing sustainable marking and verification of cardboard boxes, carton...
PCE Line Manager direct


PCE Line Manager direct



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