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EasySampler 1210 System, Complete

Unattended, Representative Sampling.Unattended, Representative Sampling for a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions

Difficult Reactions to Sample

Sampling air-sensitive, pressure, or toxic reactions is difficult. Representative data is enabled by automated sample capture and immediate quench.

Representative and Reproducible

Sampling reactions with precision is challenging. EasySampler samples from the same position into a fixed volume pocket for accurate analytical data.

Automated and Unattended Sampling

Sampling long reactions can be impractical and lack of samples leads to data blind spots. EasySampler can be programmed for continued operation 24/7.

EasySampler Sampling For a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions
Specifiche - EasySampler 1210 System, Complete
Temperature Range
-20 °C – 140 °C
PP; PTFE; Stainless Steel; Ceramic; Aluminum
Dilution Factor
80 - 450 (1.6 - 9 mL)
12 x 10 mL
Dimensions (LxWxH)
500 mm x 310 mm x 465 mm
9 kg
100 - 240 V
Numero(i) di materiale

HPLC Ready Samples

Automated sample preparation decreases time and eliminates error. Samples are diluted to a user-specified concentration, ready for offline analysis.


Documentation for Automated Sampling of Chemical Reactions


EasySampler Product Catalog
Eliminate chemical reaction sampling challenges by using an automated and robust method of taking representative samples

Schede tecniche

Unattended, representative automated sampling for a wide range of chemical reactions

Documentazione Prodotti

EasySampler Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions to set-up EasySampler for unattended automated sampling.
EasySampler Connectivity Kit Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions to connect EasySampler to EasyMax, OptiMax, or RX-10 using the EasySampler Connectivity Kit.

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Accessories for Unattended, Representative Sampling For a Wide Range of Chemical Reactions


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EasySampler 1210 System, Complete
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