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Optical DO Measurement for More Uptime

The fast response, excellent signal stability, and low maintenance of METTLER TOLEDO’s intelligent optical dissolved oxygen sensors will help you produce a higher quality product and save on costs.

Keeping oxygen at a minimum
Oxygen can be detrimental to beer quality. So filler line, filtration, blending, and deaeration processes re­quire oxygen measurement systems with high accuracy at very low levels in order that any increase in oxygen concentration can be detected immediately. Of equal importance, time required for O2 sensor maintenance must be kept short due to the cost of unplanned process interruptions.

Innovative optical dissolved oxygen system
The InPro 6970i optical O2 sensor is highly accurate at ppb O2 levels, offers a very fast response time, and is also ex­tremely easy to maintain.

Some amperometric systems require up to 10 minutes after a Clean-in-Place (CIP) cycle before they produce a stable reading. The 20 second response time of the InPro 6970i enables fast start up of the filling process after a switch from rinsing water to beer, and consequently beer losses are reduced.

Simple maintenance, fast calibration
Optical oxygen sensors are also character­ized by their easy maintenance. The InPro 6970i has only one consumable component, the OptoCap. It contains a fluorescing, oxygen-sensitive membrane which is the key to the sensor’s superb accuracy and speed of response. Replacement of the OptoCap can be done by even un-skilled personnel in only a few minutes. The long lifetime of the OptoCap, together with its fast and easy replacement, drasti­cally reduces maintenance costs and the risk of handling errors.

Calibration is a quick and straightforward procedure, and in-line calibration within the process is even possible. After calibra­tion, system status information is dis­played on the transmitter in real time, increasing the reliability of the measure­ment point.

Plug and Measure
The InPro 6970i features METTLER TOLEDO’s unique Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology. ISM provides an array of features that simplify sensor operations and improve process reliability. All sensor data, including cali­bration history, are stored in the sensor itself. After performing maintenance and calibration, installation in the process is simple. Upon connecting the sensor to an ISM transmitter, such as the M400, all relevant data is automatically transferred to the transmitter and an oxygen reading is available immediately – no pre-polar­ization is required.

Predictive diagnostics
Another useful ISM feature of the InPro 6970i and M400 is a set of advanced diagnostics tools. The Dynamic Lifetime Indicator monitors the quality of the OptoCap after each calibration and, to­gether with the current process conditions, calculates and displays on the M400 the remaining lifetime of the OptoCap. Un­scheduled downtime due to sudden failure of the sensing element is therefore avoided.

Top performance
The combination of optical measurement technology, ISM, and METTLER TOLEDO’s many years of experience in designing sensors for the brewery industry means that the InPro 6970i is the most efficient and reli­able oxygen sensor on the market.

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