Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Kristina Djukic | Product Inspection

Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Kristina Djukic

Kristina Djukic, Mechanical Engineer at METTLER-TOLEDO US, considers her journey into engineering 

Kristina Djukic has been stepping outside of her comfort zone for many years now. Coming from a family that fled war-torn Yugoslavia in the 1990s, moving first to Germany, then Canada, and finally to Florida where she is now working for METTLER-TOLEDO US,  she understands better than most, perhaps, that this is how you learn.

“To truly grow and develop, you have to be able to put yourself in situations where you may not feel fully comfortable or confident, and where there will likely be a lot of unknowns,” she explains. “These are the experiences where you will grow, learn about yourself, and develop.”

The journey she has been on with her family, and the sacrifices made by her parents along the way, has had a profound impact on Kristina, giving her the motivation to work hard, stay true to her values, and keep chasing her goals. “These are all traits and values that I try to bring to work with me every day,” she says.

The buzz for engineering first came at school, before blossoming into something more altruistic in outlook. “I was first inspired to work in engineering in grade 12 – I had a great physics teacher who used to be a mechanical engineer,” she says. “While in university, I was involved in a lot of projects that made me realise that I really wanted to use my engineering skills to benefit society, such as designing low-cost medical devices for countries that can't afford traditional medical equipment.”

Feeling passionate about her work is important to Kristina, she says, and what gives her that passion is knowing that her work makes a difference, that in some way it helps society.

Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Kristina Djukic
Inspirational Women Shaping Engineering – Kristina Djukic

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