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X37 Series X-ray Systems for Tall, Rigid Containers

Mettler-Toledo X37 Series: Higher detector sensitivity & reduced energy options

Extending its range of next generation food x-ray inspection systems, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray has designed the X37 Series for optimum product inspection of tall, rigid containers, including cartons, doypacks, plastic and glass containers and metal cans. Available in a number of flexible technology alternatives, the X37 Series can be configured with different detector sensitivity options supported by a range of power generators, to detect and reject contaminants, such as metal, glass, calcified bone, mineral stone or high-density plastics. This customisation enables food manufacturers to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and comply with safety regulations and guidelines by consistently guaranteeing contaminant-free products.

The X37 Series includes the X3710, X3720 and X3730 x-ray systems, as well as the Series' latest addition, the X3750 which is the most technically-advanced x-ray system on the market for glass-in-glass inspection. Featuring an adjustable, angled x-ray beam and innovative detector technology, the X3750 provides outstanding and reliable contamination detection of glass and other dense contaminants at high throughputs. In addition, the X3750 is capable of performing multiple food quality checks ensuring not just product safety and integrity, but complete brand protection.

The X3750 Performs Complete Glass-In-Glass Contamination Detection and Product Integrity Checks

The X3750 Performs Complete Glass-In-Glass Contamination Detection and Product Integrity Checks
The X3750 boasts innovative features, providing food and pharmaceutical manufacturers with the most advanced and adaptable x-ray solution on the market for glass jars and containers. This three minute technical animation showcases all the features and benefits of the X3750 x-ray system, such as adjustable guide rails, high throughputs, hygienic design, high-speed reject devices and vision windows with illuminated tunnels.

The X37 Series – the Big Difference is in Every Detail

In order to suit a variety of tall, rigid packaging applications, the X3710/20/30 allows manufacturers to choose between a 0.4mm and a 0.8mm detector diode, with the X3750 offering the 0.8mm detector as standard. The 0.8mm detector technology is five times more sensitive to x-rays than traditional systems, ensuring unparalleled precision in the contaminant inspection of food products. For the inspection of composite cans, cartons, tubes, doypacks and plastic containers, for instance, the 20W generator results in a significant reduction of power consumption and cooling requirements, whilst offering the same precision as a conventional 100W device.

“Traditionally, food processors have needed to implement high power x-ray systems to inspect cans or glass containers at high speeds, of up to 1,200 products per minute,” explained Daniela Verhaeg, Marketing Manager SBU X-ray Inspection, Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray. “The X37 Series, with its new detector technology and class-leading inspection software, is able to offer equal or, in some cases, improved detection levels whilst typically only needing one fifth of the standard x-ray energy power consumption. Consequently, this allows food manufacturers to substantially reduce operational costs while also maintaining the utmost level of safety and quality for their products”.

All models in the X37 Series can be fully configured to the particular needs of a specific production facility. Manufacturers can, for example, select different high-speed reject systems to match their production needs and guarantee easy and effective product rejection. Suitable for a wide range of product types, some systems in the Series are available with fully-adjustable pusher and air blast options with large vision windows.

Glass Container X-ray Inspection System

Safeline X-ray offers a range of inspection systems that can help to detect unwanted contaminants in glass container application.

White Paper

‘Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of Tall, Rigid Containers’ is a paper that explains x-ray inspection solutions for glass applications.


A range of animation demonstrate how the X37 series is designed for optimised container inspection.


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