Checkweighing Performance Optimization Guides

Checkweighing Performance Optimization Guides

How Checkweighers can help optimize the Productivity and Performance of Your Production Line

The precision of today's high-performance production lines is often compared with the complicated mechanism of an expensive chronometer: in both cases, all the parts have to fit together perfectly for the equipment to work as it should. Where production systems are concerned, parts that do not work in harmony can lead to huge losses. Therefore it is critical that all production line equipment, including checkweighers, perform optimally in order to avoid product recalls, reduce overfilling and ensure constant high-quality products.

To help you to optimize the performance of your production lines, METTLER TOLEDO has developed a range of practical segment related guides.

These guides provide an overview of the software, mechanical features and options that are available for checkweighers to ensure industry standards are met.

How can you achieve performance optimization?

The three main factors which have an impact on performance optimization are:

  • Process safety and reliability: such as product completeness monitoring and prevention of unauthorized access
  • Increased productivity: ensured by smooth product transfer with high performance conveyors and minimized product weight errors and giveaways due to software functions such as feedback control
  • Process control: such as under filling and prevention of false rejects for example with the software function "gliding limits".


Once these three pillars are leveraged, the performance of production line equipment is optimized.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Checkweighers play a significant role for manufacturers to carry out completeness checks. A checkweigher can detect a missing leaflet or blister, thus offering protection for consumers and your brand. With a checkweighing & vision combination system, serialization technology can be added and even missing tablets detected.

Food Industry

Checkweighing systems deliver line efficiencies, capture line data and ensure regulatory compliance; they can also be combined with metal detection or x-ray inspection to prevent contamination. Cut costs by preventing overfilling yet ensure regulatory compliance with precise filling-weight control to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Beverage Industry

A checkweigher ensures that your products comply with regulations – that the product contains accurate quantities of ingredients, and that bottles or packs are filled accurately. Combined with a vision inspection system, a checkweigher monitors that the product is fitted with the correct cap and label. The checkweigher combined with a metal detector or an xray system satisfies diverse needs in production lines for cartons or bottles of milk, juice, and spirits by additionally detecting any foreign bodies.

Chemical Industry

As a chemical manufacturer, you have to comply with specific regulations to ensure weight deviations stay within the statutory requirements. Certain checkweigher functions can be applied to a packaging line in a chemical production environment to achieve the maximum impact on the production line and avoid costly overfilling. ATEX compliant checkweighing solutions ensure trouble-free use in explosive atmospheres such as production of aerosol sprays.

One of the main reasons for using a checkweigher is to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards, avoid costs through overfilling and protect your brand.

100% weight inspection should be an integral part of your coordinated quality and process control program. Learn more about how checkweighing can influence your industry here.


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