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Data Management

Parts and components manufacturing is highly standardized and customers place intense pressure for both efficiency and quality on manufacturers along their supply chains. Keeping up with these requirements and continually monitoring production costs as well as value chain stats can be a challenge.

Data Management
Data Management

Achieve Consistent Quality: Data+

Increase efficiency and process-monitoring quality when handling the data of a wide range of weighing applications: counting, checkweighing, totalizing and formulation. Optimize your data management with this software to track, import, export and edit data right from your desk. You can eliminate the need for time-consuming manual recipe handling at the terminal and store, control and amend up to 30,000 articles directly from your PC. Data+ is made for multi-terminal use of series ICS4 and ICS6.

Use Data+ across multiple machines to improve consistency in processing and reporting. Achieve consistent quality that is reliable and easily traceable especially during an audit.

Gain a New Perspective: Collect+

Collect+™ is a data-collection software that can capture production-weight and process data from every scale on your shop floor and bring it all together for a complete picture. Watch variations in your weighing and quality-check processes in real time to reduce rejects, waste and process variances.

Viewing processes, trends and KPIs is easy with the modern, easy-to-read layout of Collect+. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can create graphs, add icons, define process parameters and recognize potential deviations. 

You can also create different dashboards depending on an employee's need to know. Whether you are a quality manager or production supervisor, Collect+ will enable informed business decisions and can be tailored for a new perspective on your processes.

Data Management
Data Management

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