Prevent Breakdowns with Smart Service

Prevention is always better than cure. A new system test-report program for dimensioning and barcode reading equipment helps you to plan service budgets, prevent breakdowns and ensure that equipment is always running optimally.


Heavy-Duty Solutions
Heavy-Duty Solutions
Prevent Breakdowns with Smart Service
Service test reports

A new test-report service for dimensioning and barcode reading checks every aspect of performance and provides you with a health report of the status of your equipment.

Highly trained transport and logistics specialists conduct a test of your equipment, paying special attention to the components that are most likely to wear out or fail. You then receive a detailed report that includes reccommendations for the type of service or optimizations required to keep your equipment in peak condition.

Low cost of ownership

Smart service based on predictive maintenance, instead of routine or emergency service calls, decreases cost of ownership. The data generated by a system test report is specific, detailed and ranked according to criticality. Over time, this data can be consolidated to provide statistics about which sites have which service requirements. It can also show which parts are most likely to fail and how to optimize maintenance and repair cycles.

Prevent Breakdowns with Smart Service
Heavy-Duty Solutions

During peak hours, weeks and seasons, system uptime becomes even more crucial. Proactively planning a health check allows you to identify potential issues early so that service can be scheduled at your convenience.

Key benefits:

  • Proactive, targeted service to ensure uptime
  • Data intelligence for planning service and budgets
  • Reduced risk of breakdown
  • Documentation for Weights & Measures audits
  • Continued compliance and performance


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