Density, Refractive Index, pH and Color of E-liquids

Multiparameter Measurements of E-liquids

Simultaneously determination of Density, Refractive Index, pH and Color

The application gives the setup of multiparameter system for simultaneously determining density, refractive index, pH and UV/VIS color in multi component sample like E-liquids. Samples of different nature, given by the presence or absence of nicotine as well as different flavors are easily characterized with this setup.  


E-liquid (or e-juice) refers to a liquid solution typically used in e-vapor products such as e-cigarettes. Together with flavoring agents and nicotine, they are mostly composed of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG).

Determination of density and specific gravity of e-liquids are important quality indicators and are used in routine analyses. Together with these properties and their derived quantities (specific gravity, concentration, etc.) pH and color determinations can be performed in a 100% METTLER TOLEDO multiparameter system using Excellence Density Meter and Refractive Index, Spectrophotometer and SevenCompact pH/Ion Meter.

The multiparameter system fully automates your processes and determines all parameters in a single procedure, either as standalone setup or connected to LabX®.

Multiparameter Measurements of E-liquids
Multiparameter Measurements of E-liquids
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