manual single channel pipette

Manual Single Channel Pipette

The Ergonomic Pipet-Lite XLS+

A manual single channel pipette is a handheld life science research tool used to transfer or measure microliter and even milliliter volumes of liquid between microplates, microtubes, flasks and reservoirs. Rainin XLS+ pipettes blend cutting-edge engineering and innovation for accurate and reproducible results. Designed for use with either hand, their sure-fit handles, light springs and "stiction-less" pipette-tip sealing technology ensures smooth, light operation and reduce the risk of RSI.

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Advantages of the Single Channel Pipette

Comfort, Accuracy and Control

Total hand comfort with lower spring forces, while maintaining supreme accuracy and precision. Smooth and responsive plunger for total control.

manual pipettes

Reliability and Convenience

Secure volume lock averts accidental drift and allows easy one hand adjustment. Upgraded ejector and shaft assembly for easy cleaning and autoclaving.

manual single channel pipette

GLP/GMP Security and Asset Management

RFID tags provide secure service data for ease of calibration tracking, asset management and maintenance schedules for your pipetting inventory.


Pipet-Lite XLS
Operating instructions for the Rainin Pipet-Lite XLS+ single-channel, multichannel and adjustable spacer manual pipettes.
XLS+ Pipette Family Brochure
An overview of the features and benefits of the XLS+ pipette family, including performance, comfort and control.
Rainin Classic Manual Pipette Datasheet
Rainin Classic improves traditional pipetting. Robust and durable, it provides years of reproducible performance with low out-of-tolerance errors.
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Is the XLS+ manual single channel pipette autoclavable?

Yes, it is. XLS+ single-channel pipettes are designed for easy autoclaving where it counts: the complete liquid end, including the seals and piston. Autoclaving won’t compromise performance or feel.