Electronic 96-ch pipette MicroPro 20 NA
Electronic 96-ch pipette MicroPro 300 NA

Advantages of the MicroPro Semi-automated Pipette

automated pipetting

Your Research Assistant

MicroPro goes beyond simply adding and mixing reagents by offering convenient features such as aliquot dispensing, sample dilution with mixing, and multi-aspirate with mixing.

automatic pipette uses

Set/Save Pipetting Depth Recall

Set, store, and use an unlimited number of containers with completely customizable depth settings.

automatic pipette types

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface

The large high resolution screen provides a friendly user experience with all features and functions right at your fingertips.

automatic pipette

Save/Retrieve Protocols

Store programs in the Favorites section and organize them by name, type, or creation date.

automatic pipette saving workflows

Save Workflows

Easily define and save a complete sequence of automated pipetting, instruction, and timer steps to simplify work for any operator.

MicroPro Semi-automated Pipette Testimonials

nabla bio logo

Frances Anastassacos, Nabla Bio, Inc.

Application area: Protein Engineering Workflow

"This instrument has improved reproducibility, speed, and throughput of the experiments we're able to do in the lab. It's a perfect balance of automated and manual for molecular and protein biology."

novartis logo

Susan Hromada, University of Wisconsin Madison

Application area: High-Throughput Bacterial Culture and Passaging

"The small size of the instrument makes it portable and easy to move between locations. Compared to using a 12-channel multichannel 8 times, the MicroPro is faster, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination."

pfizer logo

Hao Tang, Biogen

Application Area: Analyze Functional Antibodies in Human Serum

"I can't work without this instrument. Small footprint, easily fits into a BSC. The software on the iPad is easy to program and very versatile. The instrument needs very little maintenance and has been very reliable."

janssen logo

Wenchi Shang, Janssen R&D

Application area: Bioassay Liquid Transfer from Plate to Plate

"Small and light weight, easy to maneuver and fit nicely in BSC; easy to use and program with iPad, and saves enormous time and prevents human error."

96 channel pipette

MicroPro 20 and 300 Datasheet

Download the Data Sheet

MicroPro 96 channel pipette user manual

Rainin MicroPro User Manual

The Rainin MicroPro pipetting system packs an enormous feature set that offers unprecedented capability and value.

master serial dilutions

Master Serial Dilutions

Yes, You Can Master Serial Dilutions!

liquid handling strategies for new labs

Liquid Handling Strategies for New Labs

Meeting Time to Market Goals

Support & Repair
Maintenance & Optimization
Calibration & Quality
Training & Consulting

How much time is required to set up my new MicroPro?

From the time you begin unboxing the instrument, you can be up and running in less than 3 minutes. The iPad comes with the App preloaded and already paired with the instrument. Therefore, as soon as you start the App, it will immediately begin looking for and connecting to your instrument.

Can I use any type of tips with the MicroPro?

No, MicroPro automated pipetting systems use a proprietary tip cartridge system specifically designed to reduce the tip load force for a full rack of 96 tips down to approx. 2 lbs. This is what allows the instrument to be so small, and ensures that the tips are firmly mounted and will never leak or fall off.

How are tips loaded and ejected?

MicroPro utilizes a touchless tip load and eject process. For loading, the instrument will detect the presence of the tip cartridge and clamp and seal automatically. For ejecting tips, a single button press will force the tip cartridge from the instrument and back into an empty waiting rack that is positioned in the nest below.

What type of tablet does MicroPro use?

The MicroPro semi-automated pipette is controlled by the MicroPro Controller App that comes preloaded on an iPad Mini. The iPad is also mounted in a robust stand to protect it during use.

Where can I download the MicroPro controller app?

The App comes preloaded on your iPad Mini, but is also available as a free download. Search the Apple App store from any iPad for “MicroPro Controller”.

Can I build programs on the tablet, away from the instrument (if it's on the bench or in a hood)?

Yes, the MicroPro Controller App can run in Simulator Mode while not connected to an instrument. Within Simulator Mode, you can create new programs, modify existing programs, and review data logs.

Can the same tablet be used with multiple instruments?

Absolutely! Any iPad, with the MicroPro Controller App can connect and drive any MicroPro instrument. The App itself will automatically recognize the semi-automated pipetting device and adjust accordingly.

Can programs be transferred from one instrument to another instrument in my lab?

Yes. Programs, containers, liquid classes, and even the entire database can be transferred from one iPad to another. The easiest method is to transfer them wirelessly using AirDrop.

Does the instrument come with a pre-programmed library of labware?

No, but the PDR (Pipette Depth Recall) function allows users to define and name new labware in seconds. A virtually unlimited number of containers can be created and saved for use in any program. 

Can I create, run and save lengthy, complex scripts and protocols on the MicroPro?

Yes, the Custom pipetting mode allows users to build sequences that include any logical combination of liquid handling steps as well as other step types; including Instructions, Barcode Scanning, Manual Pipetting, etc. The user can potentially enter their entire protocol, which could help reduce errors by ensuring all the various steps are captured accordingly.