Coupled-in-Motion Railroad System

Efficient and Safe Rail Weighing.Accurately Weigh Rail Cars In-Motion

Robust Construction

Designed to support massive loads applied by rail traffic. Heavy-duty I-beams are positioned to support the full weight placed on rails. 

Safe Weighing

Uncoupling rail cars to weigh statically can be dangerous and time consuming. CIM rail scales offer safe and efficient weighing.

Accuracy and Reliability 

POWERCELL® PDX® load cells provide accurate and reliable vehicle weighing. Eliminate the junction box and benefit from superior diagnostics with PDX. 

Material No.: 30454180001

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Specifications - Coupled-in-Motion Railroad System
Pentium® class processor
Certificate or Conformance (CoC)
61 cm (24") H x 46 cm (18") W x 31 cm (12" D)
Windows® XP
Communication Interface
USB keyboard connection
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T with standard RJ-45
Four (4) RS-232 ports
USB printer connection
Scale Interface
POWERCELL® or analog load cells
115VAC or 230VAC
49 – 61 Hz
Monochrome 240 x 64 graphical LCD

Engineered to Order

Rail scale solutions can be custom engineered to fit your operations unique needs. Our engineering team has experience working on specialized projects in every industry.

Deck Options 

Choose between two deck options, steel or concrete. Both options provide efficient and easy installation, with easy access to the load cell network. 

Lightning Protection  

Specially designed StrikeShield™ lightning protection prevents costly downtime by using multiple levels of protection, safeguarding your entire scale system. 

User Friendly Controller

The IND9R86 CIM Rail Scale Controller allows for automated weighing of entire trains as they cross the scale at speeds up to 10 km/hour (6 mph). The controller stores and prints weight information for any length train.

Professional Expertise

METTLER TOLEDO’s team consists of expert engineers and certified welders to ensure the highest quality of our products. Providing operational quality and audit-readiness from day one.  




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Coupled-in-Motion Railroad System