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    Case Studies

    A Solution for the Aggregates Industry
    Reliable Contracting, Glen Burnie & Crofton, Maryland, USA
    Lightning Protection Solves Downtime Problem
    A lightning strike can shut down a truck scale in a flash. When suppliers and customers started taking their business elsewhere, the Layton Mill & Tim...
    Scale Ensures Lasting Compliance in Antarctica
    Only the toughest equipment could withstand conditions in the coldest place on Earth. In 1996, when McMurdo Station needed a truck scale to weigh Anta...

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    Products and solutions from the global leader in truck scales/weighbridges and load cells.
    Rail Scales
    Designed for easy and accurate weighing of rail cars to speed up throughput without compromising safety.

    Extended Product Information

    What Can a Single Day of Downtime Cost You?
    Most companies focus on selling price. In reality, vehicle scale inaccuracy and downtime can cost a company far more than the initial price of the sca...
    The Reliability of POWERCELL Load Cells
    METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scales use POWERCELL load cells, the most accurate and reliable vehicle scale load cells in the world. The unique POWERCELL des...


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