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XS100 DualScale

For High Speeds and Heavy Loads to High Performance at High Throughput

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The XS100 DualScale offers high-speed, high-throughput weighing in the most demanding of applications.  Rugged design and advanced filter technology ensure stable, accurate results even when conditions are tough.

XS100 DualScale
XS100 DualScale

Approved to measure at speeds up to three meters per second, the plug-and-play concept allows for simple, flexible integration into any sorting system. This scale can be used for weighing only or integrated into a dimensioning, weighing and scanning solution.

XS100 DualScale
XS100 DualScale
Specifications - XS100 DualScale
Weighing range 0-60kg
Resolution e = 50 g
Speed 180 m/min
Throughput Up to 22 000 pcs/h
Roller centres, weighing conveyor (A-A) Scale 1: 600, 700 Scale 2: 1000, 1100, 1200 Other dimensions as option on request
Belt width, weighing conveyor (B-B) 900, 1000 mm<br> Other dimensions as option on request
Voltage ≥ 1200 VA
Standard Protocols Mettler-Multi Range, Weight 8C
Interfacing Ethernet , Serial, Profibus DB, Profi Net, ModBus
Certifications MID, NTEP, NMI, CE
Accuracy ± 5 g / ± 10 g
Single weighingDual weighing
250 g - 25 kg ± 50 g500 g - 50 kg ± 100g
25 kg - 60 kg ± 75 g50 kg - 60 kg ± 150 g

High Throughput Weighing
A multi-scale achieves higher throughput by making it possible to weigh multiple parcels at one time. The flexible weighing point can further increase throughput by up to 30% by optimizing parcel gapping.

Robust and Reliable
Rugged design ensures high performance even in unstable conditions. The sturdy frame and feet, and stiff conveyor body make the system less sensitive to environmental disturbance and provide continued high accuracy at speeds up to three meters per second.

Smooth Parcel Flow
A new belt guidance system and robust  transfer plates between conveyors ensures smooth parcel transfer minimizing the risk of jams. System software determines the weighing time of each parcel to optimize spacing and throughput.

Advanced Filter Technology
Weighing errors caused by environmental disturbances, such as vibrations or changes in temperature, are minimized by advanced filter technology. The scale produces accurate weighing results even in tough site conditions

Fast Data Communication
The system is controlled by a real-time controller which ensures high speed data communication with the sorter. The data drop point can be configured based on sorting requirements.




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XS100 DualScale