Automatic Test System (ATS)

Automatic Metal Detector Testing.Add-on unit for carrying out repeatable performance checks in Gravity Fall and Throat Metal Detectors.

Consistent, reliable performance testing

Using HMI or Control Unit, ATS improves repeatability, confirms center-line performance and optimizes testing for all available metal types

Complete test processes in less time

Material can be tested in less than 60 seconds for three or four metals, namely FE, Non-Fe, SS and AL

Enhanced worker safety

Operator safety is enhanced through a significant reduction in the need to work at height and/or climb ladders to conduct performance testing

Material No.: 30354055

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Specifications - Automatic Test System (ATS)
Brand Protection
Repeatable, reliable method of confirming metal detector is working to correct specification
Increased Productivity
Complete performance checks in less than 30 seconds for three metals, or 45 seconds for four metals
Assured Compliance
Supports FSMA & all GFSI codes incl. BRCGS & IFS
Unparalleled Support
Global service capability and modular spare parts packs
Total Cost of Ownership
Long term reliability and service support as part of metal detector
IP rating
IP 65
IP54 (optional IP65)
Bead Blast SS
Essential (GFSI/FSMA)

Improved Product Quality

The ATS does not come into contact with product being inspected, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Accurate Results

ATS is engineered to test the worst-case scenario by testing the sensitivity at the center of the metal detector where it is the most difficult to detect contaminant.

ProdX Enabled

Tests are automatically recorded and stored electronically to support audit requirements.




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Automatic Test System (ATS)