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Pure Water pH Probe

Pure and Ultrapure Water pH Probes

In-Line Pure Water pH and ORP Measurement

Pure water pH probes are in-line pH sensors for achieving optimal accuracy and resolution in pure and ultrapure waters. This type of pH sensor includes the pHure Sensor LE, a refillable pure water pH probe with a free-flowing junction for accurate pH and ORP measurement in low-conductivity waters, and the pHure Sensor with a special gel electrolyte that helps give reliable pure water pH measurements with low maintenance requirements.

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What are pure water pH sensors?

Pure water pH sensors are in-line pH probes that are specifically designed for measurement of pH in low conductivity, pure and ultrapure waters.

How are pure water pH sensors different from other pH sensors?

Many pH probes and sensors have a difficult time measuring in low-conductivity water found in power plant cycle chemistry and microelectronics manufacturing applications. Until recently, this type of pure water measurement required a measurement sensor, a reference sensor, a temperature sensor and a flow bowl. This is no longer necessary with the right selection of in-line pHure Sensor LE. The special design and electrolyte replace complex systems and give you a reliable, accurate pH measurement in pure waters.

What are the pure water pH sensors that METTLER TOLEDO offers?

METTLER TOLEDO offers two main types of in-line pure water pH sensor:

pHure Sensor: This is a pure and ultrapure water pH sensor with an internally-pressurized gel reference system for ease of use to simplify pH monitoring in low conductivity water.

pHure Sensor LE: This is a refillable electrolyte pure water pH sensor designed to provide the most accurate and convenient pH measurement available in very low conductivity water. It can also provide pure water ORP monitoring.

What applications are pure water pH sensors used for?

METTLER TOLEDO pure water pH sensors are optimized for power plant cycle chemistry and microelectronics manufacturing. They can be used as a steam cycle pH probe, can be implemented into reverse osmosis systems for the pH adjustments of clean recycle water in between membranes, and can be used for controlling pH to prevent scaling and corrosion.