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Water Conductivity Sensor

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

In-line Water Conductivity Cell for Pure Water Applications

A pure water conductivity sensor is an analytical instrument designed for monitoring pure water conductivity continuously for a range of applications. Digital water conductivity cells from METTLER TOLEDO have built-in measuring circuits and analog to digital signal conversion in the sensor head, which enables performance far exceeding that of conventional sensors. This helps you to achieve the highest accuracy in pure water conductivity monitoring applications.

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Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Advance Measuring Circuit Enhances Accuracy

The UniCond family of in-line water conductivity sensors use an advanced, built-in measurement circuit, to provide exceptional accuracy and reduced risk of interference.

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Ensure Compliance of Pharmaceutical Waters

UniCond pure water conductivity sensors meet USP <645> and global pharmacopeia requirements for conductivity and temperature measurement accuracy, compensation and calibration.

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Maximize Yield in Semiconductor Manufacturing

METTLER TOLEDO pure water conductivity cells are trusted globally by semi fabs to help maintain their UPW systems and prevent water system problems that could negatively effect production yield.

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Prevent Corrosion in Power Plants and Boilers

Designed to withstand high temperature applications, these pure water conductivity sensors ensure continuous measurement and monitoring for corrosion prevention in turbines and boilers.

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Extensive Measuring Range

Available in 2-electrode and 4-electrode models, METTLER TOLEDO pure water conductivity sensors cover all ranges of measurement.

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Water Conductivity Sensor for a Range of Processes

These water conductivity cells provide conductivity measurement in pure and ultrapure waters, pharmaceutical waters, make up water, power plant steam-cycle chemistry and semiconductor UPW.

Pure Water Conductivity Sensor

Easy Start-Up and Commissioning

A digital water conductivity cell with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) stores calibration data and other sensor information in the sensor to enable plug and measure capability for fast startup.

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What is a pure water conductivity sensor?

A pure water conductivity sensor (or water conductivity cell) measures the ability of a solution to conduct an electrical current in pure water systems. It is the presence of ions in a solution that allows the solution to be conductive: the greater the concentration of ions, the greater the conductivity. These in-line pure water conductivity sensors are specially designed to measure accurately in low conductivity waters. In microelectronics and semiconductor production, the purity measurement of ultrapure water (UPW) is made as resistivity (the reciprocal of conductivity). 

How many types of pure water conductivity sensors are there?

METTLER TOLEDO's flagship pure water conductivity sensor is the UniCond. This is a family of digital conductivity sensors especially designed for pure water monitoring. 

Within the UniCond family there are two technology types of measurement technology that pure water conductivity sensors use:

  • 2-electrode pure water conductivity sensors
  • 4-electrode pure water conductivity sensors

How do you calibrate a pure water conductivity sensor?

A METTLER TOLEDO water conductivity sensor can be calibrated against a solution of known conductivity (much like calibrating a pH sensor against a solution of a known pH). Alternatively, an in-line water conductivity sensor that contains a range of very precise resistors that duplicate known pure water conductivity measurements can be used. 

For applications in the pharmaceutical industry, special considerations should be made for compliance purposes when calibrating a pure water conductivity sensor. The UniCond Calibrator and Pharma Waters Verifier can help ensure that your calibration is pharmacopeia compliant.

What transmitters are METTLER TOLEDO pure water conductivity sensors compatible with?

Pure water conductivity sensors can integrate with any appropriate METTLER TOLEDO water transmitter that is suitable for conductivity.  These conductivity transmitters include the M300 Water and M800 Water transmitters. The exact transmitter for your application should be selected in consultation with your local METTLER TOLEDO representative.