Analyzer, 2800Si Silica 24VDC

Analyzer 2800Si Silica 24VDC

2800Si: Dependable & Sensitive.

Low Maintenance

Large reagent containers enable continuous operation for 3 months before refilling.

Full Protective Enclosure

Self-contained analyzer protects components, reagent bottles and tubing behind a locking door. The enclosure is suitable for wall mounting.

Fully automatic calibration

Unattended, automatic calibration saves operator time and assures excellent repeatability.

Specifications - Analyzer 2800Si Silica 24VDC
Measurement parameter Silica
Built-In Sequencer No
Enclosure Type Full
Operating range 0 ppb – 5,000 ppb
Operating Temperature (Celsuis) 10 °C – 50 °C
Sample flow rate 200 mL/min – 250 mL/min
Analog output 1 Analog
Dimensions (DxHxW) 305 mm x 927 mm x 531 mm
Power Supply 24 V – 24 V (DC)
Material Number(s) 58043004



Data Sheet: Silica Analyzer 2800Si
High Confidence in Water Quality Dependable On-line Silica Monitoring
Data Sheet: 2800Si Services
Proactive services and periodic replacement of consumables can help ensure analyzer performance and power generation efficiency.


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Analyzer 2800Si Silica 24VDC
USP Class VI
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