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Sensor Cleaning

Sensor Cleaning and Calibration Systems

Automated Cleaning of In-Line Analytical Sensors

Sensor cleaning systems are automated systems that reliably clean and calibrate select sensors to maximize measurement uptime and free personnel for other tasks. Automated cleaning systems are especially beneficial for measurements in aggressive media with high pressures and temperatures. By using these sensor cleaning systems, sensor life can be increased significantly and downtime can be prevented.

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Automated Sensor Cleaning for Improved Process Efficiency

EasyClean sensor cleaning systems improve process efficiency and safety by proving better measurement accuracy, increasing sensor lifetime and reducing personnel exposure to hazardous conditions.

Ensure Safety in Harsh Environments

Automated sensor cleaning solutions ensure that your analytical sensors are appropriately cleaned, without exposing your maintenance team to hazardous production environments.

Cost Effective Sensor Cleaning Solutions

Programmable, fully automatic cleaning of your process sensors minimizes consumption of buffer and cleaning solutions to keep operation and maintenance costs low.

Increase Sensor Life in High Temperature Environments

These automation systems also allow you to insert the sensor into the process only when measurement is required. When not needed, can be withdrawn, protecting them from harsh process environments.

Configured to Meet Your Needs

The modular configuration of these sensor cleaning systems provides many installation options and can easily be customized to meet special requirements of your application.

Automated Cleaning and Calibration for pH Sensors

These cleaning systems offer the additional benefit of calibration for in-line pH sensors. Following a pH sensor wash process, select EasyClean systems can also provide a process calibration.

Cleaning of a Wide Range of Analytical Sensors

The EasyClean sensor cleaning systems provide membrane cleaning for pH and ORP sensors, and also provide automated cleaning for dissolved oxygen, CO2, conductivity and turbidity sensors.

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What is sensor cleaning?

Sensor cleaning is the routine maintenance that has to be performed on an analytical sensor for it to work at its best and maintain a long sensor lifespan. The cleaning requirements for a sensor are directly related to the process conditions.

Why is sensor cleaning important?

Efficient sensor cleaning is important as it prevents fouling of the sensor's diaphragm and build up on the sensor that can effect accurate measurement. Sensor cleaning can substantially increase the lifespan of an analytical sensor. Sensor cleaning is also important because it further enhances process control and safety, and reduces the maintenance burden. Automated sensor cleaning allows staff to work on other important tasks. In addition, regular sensor cleaning and calibration ensures that sensors perform at their best and last longer.

How can you automate analytical sensor cleaning?

Automated cleaning of analytical sensors can be done with METTLER TOLEDO's EasyClean series of automated cleaning systems. These sensor cleaning solutions meets a wide range of process and application needs.

Can sensor cleaning and calibration be done in the sensor housing?

The InTrac series of housings can be operated with the METTLER TOLEDO EasyClean 150 or EasyClean 200 for programmable automatic sensor flushing. InTrac housings can also be operated with EasyClean 400 for programmable, automatic pH sensor cleaning and calibration.

For InDip housings when a high dirt load is foreseen, operation with EasyClean 100 for programmable, automatic sensor rinsing is possible. This reduces plant operator workload for performing manual sensor cleaning and calibration.

What kinds of sensor cleaning devices are available?

METTLER TOLEDO offers the following:

  • EasyClean 100 and EasyClean 150 take care of basic rinsing for minimally contaminated sensors
  • EasyClean 200e offers a solution for sensors subject to heavy fouling
  • EasyClean 400 for rinsing, cleaning and calibration of pH sensors is completely automatic and operates unattended
  • EasyClean 400X for hazardous areas, for example in the chemical industry, which requires special equipment.