TDL Process Adaptions | Folded Path TDL Analyzers

TDL Process Adaptions for the GPro 500

Accurate Measurement in All Process Conditions

Tunable diode laser process adaptions allow the integration of a GPro 500 TDL spectrometer directly into a process gas stream for in situ measurement, or in an extractive cell. These TDL process adaptions are suited to a range of environments, including fast or slow moving gas streams, dirty gas streams and narrow pipes (down to DN50 or 2" pipes). These process adaptions use folded-path TDL spectroscopy to provide an accurate measurement without the need for alignment of a receiver.

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What is a Tunable Diode Laser process adaption?

Tunable diode laser process adaptions are a key component of a GPro 500 gas analyzer. They connect the spectrometer to the process for accurate measurement of the specified gas species. They facilitate the folded-path TDL technology of the GPro 500, reflecting the laser back to the receiver. 

What types of TDL process adaptions are available?

METTLER TOLEDO offers several different TDL process adaptions to meet unique application requirements. Examples include:

  • The wafer TDL process adaption: designed to provide accurate measurement in small line sizes, down to DN50 (2") pipes.
  • The non-purged probe with filter and blow-back process adaption: optimal for dry gases with particulate, such as flue gases.
  • The standard purged probe: for in situ measurement in near-saturated gas streams, such as a combined vent line to a destruct unit.
  • The cross-pipe: optimal for pipes from 1-3 meters in diameter and hot gas streams.

What gas species can be measured with a TDL analyzer?

METTLER TOLEDO GPro 500 TDL analyzers offer measurement of carbon monoxide (CO%), carbon dioxide (CO2%), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), gaseous oxygen (O2), methane, ammonia and moisture. These can be paired with a wide range of process adaptions to provide the tunable diode laser analyzer to meet your requirements. For example, an oxygen gas analyzer can be paired with a filter probe to allow you to install an oxygen TDL analyzer in a gas stream that has a heavy particulate content. That same oxygen gas analyzer can be paired with a wafer adaption to create an in-line TDL gas analyzer for oxygen in a small line size (down to DN50).