InPro 4850i Digital pH Sensor

InPro 4850i pH/ORP Probes

High Performance in Tough Chlor-Alkali Processes

The InPro 4850i is a dual-membrane pH and ORP sensor specifically designed for chlor-alkali processes. This pH sensor has no diaphragm, making it immune to chlorine and other oxidizing agents that can lead to failure in other pH and ORP electrodes. The InPro 4850i is a digital, Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) pH sensor that is immune to interference and distortion and ensures 100% signal integrity and stability, with advanced diagnostics to help manage maintenance.

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What is the InPro 4850i sensor?

The InPro 4850i is a dual-membrane pH and ORP sensor for measuring processes with a stable sodium concentration. This probe combines accurate measurement with durability for tough environments.

What lengths is the InPro 4850i series available in?

The InPro 4850i pH sensor is available in 120 mm and 225 mm lengths.

Why do I need a special pH sensor for chlor-alkali processes?

A special pH sensor is needed for chlor-alkali processes because these processes are very though on pH electrodes: chlorine poisons sensor reference systems, crystalized brine and precipitated impurities clog diaphragms, and the environment corrodes contacts. Additionally, the high-impedance output signal of sensors designed for the process is highly susceptible to interference. In short, sensors perform poorly and fail quickly.

The InPro 4850i dual-membrane pH electrode answers all these problems. Its reliability, longevity and low maintenance ensure exceptional measuring performance, no matter how tough it gets.

What are the key features of the InPro 4850i sensor?

The key features of the InPro 4850i pH sensor that make it suitable for chlor-alkali processes are:

  • Sodium-reference (pNa) system. The electrode features a sodium-sensitive glass membrane which is charged by the sodium ions in the brine. The sensor uses the sodium concentration of the brine itself as a reference.
  • The absence of a diaphragm ensures stable measurement and eliminates drift. The pNa reference system is hermetically sealed; there is no diaphragm, therefore no oxidants can enter the electrode and attack the reference system.
  • Digital output provides 100% signal stability. The InPro 4850i features Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM). This technology transmits a digitized signal from the sensor to the transmitter. As the signal is digital, it is low impedance so arrives at the transmitter unaffected by electrical interference.

What transmitters is the InPro 4850i compatible with?

The InPro 4850i family of pH sensors integrate with any appropriate METTLER TOLEDO transmitter. These include the M300, M400 and M800 transmitters. The transmitter you choose depends on your environment and complete measurement requirements. The exact transmitter for your application should be selected in consultation with your local METTLER TOLEDO representative.