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TOC Sensor 4000e 220 VAC

Online TOC Sensor with Flow Control.The 4000TOCe online TOC sensor with flow control provides continuous, fast and reliable monitoring of TOC levels from reverse osmosis post-treatment to point-of-use.

Continuous Flow to Detect Rapid Changes

Allows for a rapid response to Total Organic Carbon excursions and better process control due to continuous online monitoring.

Low Maintenance and Service Requirements

The 4000TOCe TOC sensor with flow control has no moving parts, which minimizes routine maintenance and reduces service requirements.

Versatile for Pure Water Applications

The wide dynamic operating range meets the needs of pure and ultrapure water applications, while the total organic carbon Sensor 4000TOCe offers various USPs.

Specifications - TOC Sensor 4000e 220 VAC
Measurement Range (Concentration)
0.05 ppb ; 1,000 ppb
Response Time
60 s
Detection limit
0.025 ppb
Resolution (ppbC)
Pressure Range
4 psi ; 200 psi ; 0.3 bar ; 13.6 bar
Operating Range (Temp.)
0 °C ; 100 °C
Temperature Sensor
Pt 1000
Analysis Time
Online or Portable
Enclosure Material
Conductivity Accuracy
± 2%,0.02-20 μS/cm; Constant Sensor a
Cell Constant (accuracy)
± 2 %
Limit of Detection
0.025 ppbC
Flow rate
≥ 20 mL /min
0.001 ppbC (µgC/L)
Temperature accuracy (±)
± 0.25 °C
Measuring Range
0.05 - 1000 ppbC (µgC/L)
6 months lamp change
Weight (2)
2.3 kg (5.0 lb)
± 0.05 ppbC 5 ppb
Dimensions HWD
11” [280mm] W x 7.4” [188mm] H x 5.25” [133mm] D
Initial Response Time
Sensor used with MAX
Material Number(s)

Real‑time Continuous TOC Monitoring

The 4000TOCe TOC analyzer with flow control uses proven ultraviolet oxidation with differential conductivity to effectively and continuously monitor total organic carbon concentrations. It is designed to maximize sample oxidation and minimize response times.

Simple Installation and Operation

The plug-and-measure sensor design of the 4000TOCe makes it easy to install and reduces initial setup time. Operations are simplified and operating costs reduced, as this TOC analyzer requires no gases or reagents to be handled, stored or replaced.

Supports Regulatory Programs

The 4000TOCe sensor complies with the ASTM D5173 standard testing method for online TOC monitoring. This is a total organic carbon analyzer that meets the global pharmacopeia requirements for implementation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Suitable for a Range of Water Projects

For system integrators working on water projects, the 4000TOCe is ideal for pharmaceutical-grade water, recycling and reclamation applications as well as make-up water treatment in the power industry. This is backed by METTLER TOLEDO's global support organization.



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TOC Sensor 4000e 220 VAC
USP Class VI
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