Trace and Pure Water Dissolved Oxygen Sensors - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
Trace and Pure Water Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Trace and Pure Water Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

For high-precision readings and low maintenance requirements

Trace and Pure Water Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

METTLER TOLEDO's highly sensitive dissolved oxygen (DO) sensors are specifically designed for demanding low DO concentration applications.

The InPro 6900 series sensors for F&B application are made of FDA compliant materials and have a highly polished surface finish to facilitate cleaning.  Fully certified to meet international hygiene regulations, the sensors are sterilizable and able to withstand repeated CIP treatment.

Pure water dissolved oxygen sensors deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding power and microelectronics pure water applications.  High accuracy, fast response, and excellent stability helps minimize corrosion in power water applications and limit oxidation of silicon in microelectronics applications.

Oxygen sensors with integrated ISM functionality (Intelligent Sensor Management) allow "Plug and Measure" and advanced diagnostics.



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