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A top loading balance is a precise, durable, and versatile weighing instrument that offers a wide range of capacities, from 120 g to 64 kg, and readabilities from 1 g to 0.1 mg. Top loading balances are designed to meet the demanding needs of laboratory and manufacturing environments and are used for various applications such as sample preparation, formulation, counting, and statistical quality control.

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What is a top loading balance?

A top loading balance is a weighing instrument in which the weighing pan is located above the load cell. As per this definition all METTLER TOLEDO precision balances are top loading balances. Some analytical balances are also top loading balances – whenever they have the weighing cell located beneath the weighing pan. On the contrary, Excellence analytical balances that have the weighing cell in the back are front loading balances

Which are top loading balance uses in the laboratory?

Top loading balances are used in both laboratory and production environments, wherever precision weighing is required. Applications range from research and development to quality control in a variety of industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and academic. Typical weighing uses for top loading balances include:

  • Weighing objects and samples
  • Sample preparation
  • Piece counting
  • Statistical quality control
  • Sieve analysis
  • Differential weighing
  • Dynamic weighing
  • Interval weighing
  • Formulation


The following videos show how METTLER TOLEDO top loading balances can simplify your formulation processes:

Formulation Development and Producing Accurate Formulations

How to Perform Formulation on MS-TS Balances

How many decimal places does a top loading balance show?

A top loading balance shows between 0 and 4 decimal places to the gram (1 g to 0.1 mg). The number of decimal places indicated on a top loading balance is given in the datasheet and in the METTLER TOLEDO naming convention: The last numeric digit in the model designation of METTLER TOLEDO top loading balances is the readability in decimal places. In case of a XPR204S, the last numeric digit is a 4 – hence 4 decimal place readability (0.1 mg). Similar approach can be applied to the other balance lines (XSR, MS, ML-T, ME, ME-T, PL-E). In the case of MS303TS, the last numeric digit of MS3003TS top loading balance is a 3, thus 3 decimal place readability (1 mg = 0.001 g).