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Gold Balance JL6001GE

Backlit LCD display.Strong and lightweight, for weighing jewelry anywhere. 6200 g capacity, 0.1 g readability, bright backlit LCD, battery operation, overload protection

Backlit LCD display

The compact design makes JL balances ideal for small spaces. They are solidly built, yet light enough to carry handily to wherever you want to weigh.

Operate via Power Cable or Batteries

JL balances can be run from batteries, perfect for weighing on the go or for sites where a reliable power supply is not available.

Stackable Dust Cover

The dust cover provides extra protection against dust and dirt. Stack and store up to five balances on top of each other.

Material No.: 30113833

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Specifications - Gold Balance JL6001GE
Maximum Capacity
6,200 g
0.1 g
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical
14 g
Weighing Pan Diameter
160 mm
Legal for Trade
Repeatability, typical
0.07 g
Settling Time
1.5 s
Dimensions (HxWxD)
67 mm x 194 mm x 225 mm
Balance Model (Carat/Gold)
LCD Backlit Display
Product Line
Material Number(s)

Designed to Last

Robust construction and a weighing cell with overload protection ensure JL balances will give you years of reliable service.

Large Weighing Pan

The circular weighing pan enables you to conveniently weigh large items and containers, while the exceptionally small footprint saves counter space.

Safe Storage and Transportation

The transportation case protects your balance from damage and dirt as you carry it from one location to another and while it is in storage.

16 Weight Units

16 different weighing units are available and you can switch between your two preferred weighing units with one click: ct, g, mg, kg, pound, ounce, troy ounce, grain, pennyweight, momme, mesghal, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, tola, baht.

Weighing Hook

The hook on the base of the balance is perfect for weighing big items below the balance. In conjunction with the built-in application, this technique can also be used to determine the density of larger items of jewelry.

Backlit LCD Display

The display is lit from behind, enabling the figures to be read easily in both bright and dim lighting conditions.

Legal for Trade

JL balances are available as Legal for Trade versions in most countries. Please contact us for more details.



User Manual: Jewelry Balances JL-GE
Easy reference guide to help you quickly set-up and start using your balance.


Datasheet : JL Gold Balances
Download this datasheet to learn more about specifications and accessories of JL Gold Balances.



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Gold Balance JL6001GE