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Weigh Module WXTJ3DU

Special Jewelry Weighing Applications.Precise weighing for your smallest jewelry samples. 1.2 / 3.2 g capacity, 0.001 / 0.01 mg readability, high resolution weighing cell, touchscreen, FACT fully automatic internal adjustment, practical size

Highly Accurate Weighing

Weigh jewelry accurately with a fine range up to 1.2 g with readability 0.001 mg (= 1 µg) and from 1.2 g to 3.2 g with 0.01 mg readability (= 10 µg).

Practical and Convenient Design

With a small footprint and separate display, you can place the balance body wherever is most convenient for you to access the weighing chamber.

High Stability for Fast Results

The WXTJ balance has a solid steel and aluminum housing. This offers a high level of stability, meaning you get fast and accurate results.

Material No.: 30335763

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Specifications - Weigh Module WXTJ3DU
Maximum Capacity
1.2 g/3.2 g
0.001 mg
0.01 mg
Repeatability, limit
0.001 mg
Minimum Weight (U=1%, k=2), typical
0.16 mg
Internal / FACT
Weighing Pan Diameter
32 mm
Legal for Trade
Repeatability, typical
0.0008 mg
Settling Time
5 s
Dimensions (HxWxD)
165 mm x 127 mm x 261 mm
Die-cast aluminum
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.001 mg
Balance Model (Carat/Gold)
Product Line
Material Number(s)

Automatic Performance Testing

Built-in automatic time and temperature controlled adjustment using the balance's internal weights ensures ongoing weighing accuracy.

Ergonomic Draft Shield

The draft shield provides the maximum possible view of your sample. The doors are easy to open and close for access to the weighing chamber. Furthermore, it is quick to dismantle and easy to clean.

Bright Display with Large Numbers

The bright, large numbers enable you to read weight values with ease. The angled display provides optimum readability in all lighting conditions.

Easy Operation

All the basic functions you need are at your fingertips. The straightforward user interface makes it easy to access applications and settings.

Convenient Levelling

A level balance means accurate results. The two leveling feet and the level bubble are at the front of the weighing platform, making it convenient to check the level and adjust if necessary.

Global Service Network

METTLER TOLEDO's service portfolio provides you with the confidence to enhance your efficiency, performance and productivity by providing service products based on our core values: uptime, performance, compliance and training.

Legal for Trade

The WXTJ is available as a Legal for Trade version (OIML) suitable for most countries. Please contact us for more details.


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Weigh Module WXTJ3DU