Weight Sets For Scales and Balances

Weight Sets

Vast Selection of Robust Knob, Wire and Sheet Weights

Choose your weight set according to your weighing needs and– with or without a calibration certificate. Sets range from 1 mg - 500 mg through 1 mg - up to 5 kg. Our stainless steel test weights are produced from the finest quality austenitic steel, which offers the highest resistance to corrosion during a weight’s lifetime.

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What are the advantages of purchasing a weight set?

Weight sets consist of weights with different ranges: 1 mg - 500 mg through 1 mg - up to 5 kg which allows for flexible use according to your needs. Weight sets can be purchased either with or without a calibration certificate.

Do weight sets include tweezers?

Yes, the sets includes tweezers, a cleaning cloth and brush, to remove possible contamination from the weights.

Is the weight set box made of aluminium or plastic?

The E1, E2 and F1 Classes weight sets (monobloc weights) are delivered in an aluminum box and the F1, F2 and M1 Classes weight sets come in a plastic box.

How many weights are in a weight set?

It depends on the weight set. We offer sets with 12 to 28 weights.

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