CarePac® - Set of 2 Lab Weights to Test Your Scale


Your Solution for Routine Testing

A CarePac® contains everything you need to limit the risk of working outside specified process tolerances. Two test weights are carefully selected to correspond to 5% and 100% of your balance’s capacity - precisely what USP chapter 41 and GWP® recommends for balance testing. Choose from three sizes of CarePac sets to enable you to test balances of up to 8 kg in weighing capacity.

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What is a CarePac?

To perform a routine test on your balance, we recommend using two weights. A CarePac contains two weights, which were pre-selected for your balance. A CarePac is designed to save space and to protect the weights. Additionally, it includes a special brush and a cloth to remove possible contamination from the weights, as well as a pair of tweezers to conveniently and safely lift the weight and place it on a balance. A CarePac has space to accomodate an additional third weight, if necessary.

Is there space in a CarePac to add an additional third weight if necessary?

Yes, there is additional space in a CarePac to accomodate a third weight, if necessary.

Are there CarePacs available for both OIML and ASTM classes?

Yes, we have dedicated CarePacs for OIML and ASTM weight classes.

Are there CarePacs available for all OIML and ASTM classes?

No. CarePacs are available for E2, F1 and F2 OIML classes and in 1 and 4 ASTM classes.

What is the heaviest weight in a CarePac?

In both OIML and ASTM classes the lagest weight is a 5 Kg, which is included in the 200g/5000g CarePac.

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