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License LabX Sidegrade Express-Server

LabX Upgrade. Upgrade your system from Express to Server. Connect up to 30 instruments, manage users centrally and profit from full data integrity

Upgrade Your LabX Installation

Connect up to 30 instruments and manage their data centrally.

User Management

Centrally maintain and control users and roles within LabX. This is an option for LabX express. It is included in LabX server.

Auto Import and Export

LabX allows you to import and export data into many commonly used formats. This is an option for LabX express. It is included in LabX server.

Material No.: 11153117

Available for purchase

Specifications - License LabX Sidegrade Express-Server
● (4) Auto export/import
● (3) User Management
● (2) Connect max. 30 instruments
● (1) Client server system


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License LabX Sidegrade Express-Server


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