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Dropping Point System DP70

Reliable and Efficient.The DP70 offers simultaneous dropping and softening point determination of two samples up to a maximum temperature of 752°F/400°C.

Simple One Click™ Operation

The One Click™ user interface enables users to start measurements with a single click of the button.

Color video recording

With the high resolution on-screen video, measurements can be observed in real time or conveniently replayed to verify the results.

Trusted performance

With the visual camera observation and digital image analysis, highly accurate dropping/softening point temperatures are obtained fully automatically.

Material No.: 30578107

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Specifications - Dropping Point System DP70
Temp. Range
RT – 400°C
Number of One Clicks™
12 Per User
Application Type
Dropping Point
Softening Point
Number of Cups
User management
Password protection
Protection of Settings
Multiple Users
Data Export
to SD Card, USB Stick or PC
Heating Rate (/min)
0.1 °C – 20 °C
PDF Reports
Stored Results
Substances in database
color, 120 minutes
Max. number of methods
English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean
Display / User interface
7" color display with touchscreen
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)
19 x 35 x 23 cm
4 kg
Standards 1
DIN 51920
ASTM D3461
ISO 4625-2
ASTM D3104
ASTM D6090
ASTM D3954
AOCS Cc 18-80
Ph. EUR 2.2.17
Standard compliance
Material Number(s)

Comprehensive and intuitive operation

The large color display and touch screen with the intuitive One Click™ user interface minimizes training and operator influence. Quick familiarization is guaranteed with the common user interface for all Analytical Laboratory instruments.

Efficient analyses

Simultaneous measurement of two samples saves valuable time and effort. Short heating and cooling times allow more analyses to be performed in a shorter period of time.

Fast and accurate sample preparation

The accessory box contains all required tools for correct and quick sample preparation and handling. Disposable cups and glassware eliminate the need for tedious cleanup.

Conformity with relevant standards

Full support to comply with the relevant international and national norms and standards, such as ASTM International and Ph. Eur. is ensured.

Complete results documentation

All results are securely archived and can be tracked at any time. Analysis data can be printed out, saved as a pdf file, or directly transferred to a PC.

User Management

Instrument settings can be personalized with shortcuts and the selected operator language. The user management system allows different levels of access to be defined, protecting critical data.


Product Brochures

Brochure – Dropping Point Excellence
With the innovative METTLER TOLEDO dropping point systems, you can determine dropping and softening points of pitch, asphalt, polymers, resins, waxes...


Datasheet – DP70 Dropping Point System
Optimized for testing a variety of samples, the DP70 offers One Click™ dropping and softening points.


Material No.: 21901297


Certified Reference Standards

Material No.: 51143093

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Dropping Point System DP70