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HS82 hot-stage system

Microscope hot-stage

Consists of a HS 1 control unit and a HS82 microscope hot-stage and facilitates temperature control of samples in small spaces. The samples are placed between slides and top glass. A standard, built-in xy table is used to bring several interesting areas of the sample into focus. On the measurement cell there is a cooling fan which ensures that no valuable time is lost between experiments.

Specifications - HS82 hot-stage system

Temperature rangeRT ... 375 °C
With optional cooling-90 °C ... 375 °C
Heating rate0.1 ... 20 K/min
Light aperture2 mm
Sample carriersSlides / Top glass
Dimensions (L x W x H)76 x 19 x 1 / 15 x 15 x 0.2
DisplayTouch-sensitive 7'' VGA color screen
LanguagesGerman, English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Russian
Shortcuts (One Click™)12 per user
Standards satisfiedASTM F766, EN ISO 3146


Product Brochures

Excellence Microscope Hot-Stages
Hot-stage microscopy is a powerful method which is widely used to visually examine all kinds of thermal transitions. In the HS82, samples are heated o...



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HS82 hot-stage system
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