Reactor HP60, C22, 3 Nm (RC1mx)

Efficient development of safe processes.

Study the Plant Process in the Lab

The HP60 reactor is designed to study key process events as they would happen in the plant.

1.8 L Vessel for High-Pressure Chemistry

The HP60 reactor consists of three parts: the pressure vessel (max. pressure of 60 bar), the oil jacket and the outer insulation jacket.

Complete and ready-to-go reactor set

Includes reactor, Tr sensor, calibration heater, 3 Nm drive, stirrer and pressure gage.

Material No.: 30425623

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Specifications - Reactor HP60, C22, 3 Nm (RC1mx)
Stainless steel (AISI 316)
C22 Alloy
Operating Volume
0.5 L – 1.5 L
Temperature Range
-10 °C – 250 °C
1 pcs
Inner Dimensions (HxØ)
196 mm x 102 mm
Pressure Range
Max. 60 bar rel.
Nominal Volume
1.8 L
3 x 1/2 inch NPT
2 x 3/8 inch NPT
3 x 1/4 inch NPT
Center M36 x 1.5

Chipped Tr-Sensor and Calibration Heater

Incorporated SmartConnect technology enables a plug-and-play display of measured values as soon as the sensors are connected, as all configuration data is stored on a chip in the cable plug.




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Reactor HP60, C22, 3 Nm (RC1mx)