Pressure Gauge Leo3 AT 100 bar Set

High-Quality Digital Pressure Gauges.

Intelligent Transmitter

LEO3 is a micro-processor-based transmitter for pressure (top of display) and for the analog output signal (bottom display).

Digital Indication

Easy to read digital double-display powered from the 4…20 mA current loop with output units as bar, mbar/hPa, Mpa, Psi, kp/cm2.

Complete AT 100 Bar Pressure Set

The LEO3 AT 100 Bar Set for ambient temperature applications and pressures up to 100 bar comprises the pressure gauge and Swagelock adapters.

Material No.: 30838236

digital pressure gauge 100 bar
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Specifications - Pressure Gauge Leo3 AT 100 bar Set
Hastelloy C-276
76 m x 125 mm x 50 mm (Diameter x Height x Depth)
Pressure Range
0 bar – 100 bar
Temperature Range
0 °C – 50 °C

Autochem Pressure Reactors Compatibility

The LEO3 AT 100 Bar pressure gauges can be used with all Autochem pressure reactors, such as the EasyMax EM20/60-100-HC pressure reactors and the RC1mx pressure reactors.

LEO3 SmartConnect Cable Availability

The LEO3 gauge can be easily connected to the ECB through a dedicated LEO3 SmartConnect cable (30254779).




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Pressure Gauge Leo3 AT 100 bar Set