400 mL PTFE Cover Set for EasyMax 402

For the EasyMax 402 400 mL Two-Piece Reactors

Never have a broken cover again!

The EasyMax PTFE Reactor Cover is a robust alternative for the standard glass cover and optimal for reactors equipped with heavy inserts and probes, including:

Simply replace the glass cover with the PTFE cover. 

EasyMax PTFE Cover Set 400 mL Reactor
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 6-port PTFE cover set with standard tapered joints for 400 mL reactor
MaterialCovers and Adapters:  PTFE
Suited for400 mL Glass Reactor Set for EasyMax 402 (30111619)
PortsNumber:  6
Types:  3 x 1/2" NPT, 2 x 3/4" NPT, center 3/8" NPT
Magnetic DriveMagnetic Drive for 400 mL Two-Piece Reactor Set (30130319)
Material Number30111620
Specifications - 400 mL PTFE Cover Set for EasyMax 402
Material Number(s) 30111620


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400 mL PTFE Cover Set for EasyMax 402