OptiMax Stirrers For 250 mL 2-Piece Reactor

Stirrers For OptiMax 2-Piece 250 mL Vessel

OptiMax Stirrers For 250 mL 2-Piece Reactors are an accessory for the OptiMax 2-Piece 250 mL vessel.  Good mixing is essential for all chemistries and processes.  High quality, reproducible results can only be achieved only when mixing of the reaction and reactants is efficient.  A variety of mixing elements are available supporting the optimal solution for a broad range of applications.

OptiMax Stirrers for 250 mL 2-Piece Reactor
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 Stirrer Shaft (M3)Anchor (M3)Pitch-Blade Four Blades, Up (M3)Pitch-Blade Four Blades, Down (M3)Pitch-Blade Four Blades, UpPitch-Blade Four Blades, Down
Length400 mm80 mm  400 mm400 mm
Diameter10/8 mm55 mm38 mm (45°)38 mm (45°)38 mm (45°)38 mm (45°)
MaterialAlloy C-22Alloy C-22Alloy C-22Alloy C-22Borosilicate GlassBorosilicate Glass
Material Number511624175116267851162442511624185116242451162423


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OptiMax Stirrers For 250 mL 2-Piece Reactor